Best Fix for Ugly Tile in Bathrooms

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Some of you will know that I am a huge fan of Jeffrey Bilhuber. So I decided to buy his first book the other day (I already have the other two), Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics.

It’s full of great tips but the best one that has never occurred to me is what he said about bad tile in bathrooms. Probably everyone has inherited horrible tile at some stage of home ownership and here is Jeffrey’s advice:

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Love this idea from Pinterest!

“Often we’re faced with unattractive pre-existing materials in our houses that are costly to rip out and replace. Tiled floors in bathrooms are a common problem. An easy, luxurious and affordable solution is to install wall-to-wall carpet–right over the tile.

No one ever said we couldn’t carpet our bathrooms did they? What you need to know is that the carpet shouldn’t be installed with the traditional method of glue or tacks. Instead, have the carpet cut to fit and the edges bound, and lay it over the tile. You can easily remove the carpet if you need to have it cleaned”.


Is this a brilliant idea or what?

Obviously not for every bathroom necessarily, especially if you have kids and lots of traffic but how about a powder room? 

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He goes on to say. . .

“Similarly, there’s nothing to prevent you from painting or papering marble, granite or stone walls. I’ve encountered bathrooms with inappropriate stone walls and I’ve wallpapered right over them. Paper adheres just as easily to stone as it does to drywall. It’s comforting to know that you don’t have to go back to square one to get what you want.”

Okay, my job is done here for today. I cannot take credit for these two ideas but I couldn’t wait to pass them on to you!

Colourful bathroom

So if you have a bathroom that is so bad, you can’t stand it? Why not get out the paper? I found some tips here on how to do it. Has anyone ever tried it? Post your experience below, it would be great to know how well it works.

Do you have a bathroom that needs an emergency makeover?  xoxo Maria

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