An eDesign Front Door Colour Transformation; Before and After


Of the thousands of colours out there, how do you know what the best choice is for your front door? Why do some front doors look fab and others drab or just plain wrong?

My lovely client Patti consulted with me via eDesign to get her front door colour just right. Her front door was an inoffensive classic black, but she wanted some colour instead.

Here is her front entrance before (below).

Patti’s Front Door Before

You can see that the black related to the door mat and matched the shutters, but the look was falling a bit flat for her. She was craving some colour.

She was also planning to include this pretty decorative bench to create some interest and an inviting feel to her front entrance, which is a great idea (below).

See the fiasco I went through when I ordered my first garden bench here, very bad, haha.

Amalfi Bench by Grandin Road

Scroll back up to her front entrance. What colour would you choose?

You might have a go to colour you love for front doors, or an inspiration house you would like to emulate, but really, it’s much easier to get excited about a colour if it relates to something. That’s when it feels right and that’s when it’s better than good, it’s great.

1. Choose a Colour from your Landscape

Take a look at this gorgeous eggplant door below. This house is a similar deep earthy colour, but without the pretty purple flowers as a cue, this colour might not jump out as the perfect colour.

Source Unknown

BM Kalamata AF 630

I love a purple front door, it works with earthier and fresh palettes alike and there are so many pretty flowers in purples you can plant to create some context for it.

Here’s one more just because (below).


SW Impulsive Purple 6832

Nature combines purple and green all the time, but it’s so simple to repeat the colour with some potted flowers even if it doesn’t exist in your landscape. And in this case, the brick is purple gray which doesn’t hurt. Beware however, the neutral undertone of your house is NOT generally the best place to look for your front door colour, sometimes it can work, but usually no.

However, back to my dear client Patti, purple was on her NO list. In our eDesign questionnaires, we always ask for your preferences, because colour is personal. Of course, when it comes to neutrals, your finishes and furnishings will dictate the right one, but preference is important if there are options.

And with an accent like a front door colour, the colours you love are important, you want to be happy every time you walk in.

Another colour that easily relates to most landscaping is of course green.

Choosing the correct green to harmonize with the colour of your house is the trick. You can get away with a much cleaner green on a fresh white house than on an earthy brick house for example, but you can often nudge the green of a front door to be at least as clean leaves and grass.

Here is the green option we gave Patti.

We also found her a throw pillow with leaf green in it for her bench to repeat the green and really make it look intentional. Which brings me to the next way to choose a new colour for your front door.

2. Create Some Context by Decorating your Porch

Just as in an interior, the surest way to figure out the right blue out of the thousands available at the paint store is to first choose a fabric or some kind of decor item to match it from. Because she was planning to install the charming new bench, we found some pillows for it to pull just the right colour from.

You can do this with a rug, some planters or even your favorite seasonal decor.

Here is another option we gave her for a pretty blue based on a pillow for her bench.

It would be hard to pick that specific blue out of a hundreds, but when you have something to go on, it’s easy.

When sourcing colour palette inspiration for your exterior (or interior for that matter), it is a good idea to keep the concept of clean and dirty in mind. If you have an earthier colour on your house like Patti does, it means you can’t do a super clean blue like this one (below) so you have to find an inspiration piece that is a bit more muted (dirty).

BM Clearest Ocean Blue 2064-40

This clean a blue belongs on a house that looks more like this:

Photo by Maria Killam

And what does this blue door relate to? The sky of course. On a white house, the sky really IS the limit for front door colours.

3. Create Flow by Choosing an Accent Colour from your Interior Decor

If you’re not adding any decor to your porch, or simply don’t have much room, another place to get inspiration is your interior. That’s right, create flow from the inside out.

We can also help you choose the perfect front door colour as part of our Get Me Started decorating package so that you can use an accent colour from your decor for your front door to create a colour story that greets you at the welcome mat. Just like I did for my client here. 


You can see how this pretty periwinkle front door relates to the lamps on her console. This was a considered choice that flows with her interior. Beautifully done.

So what did Patti go with? She went with the third option we gave her, a saturated navy blue which was chosen based on this cute pillow we found for her bench.

And here is the AFTER!

AFTER BM Hudson Bay 1680

Great job Patti! Doesn’t it look warm and inviting and so much more colourful than the before?

Here is the before again.

Patti’s door BEFORE her eDesign Front Door consultation

And AFTER Patti’s eDesign Front Door Consultation

So have you been putting off choosing a new colour for your front door? I hope this helps you get some ideas where to start.

There is still time this year to give your front door a colourful refresh before you spruce up your entrance for the holidays! You can find our front door colour consultation here. 

If you have after photos from an eDesign consultation, we’d love to see them!

I’m still in Fiji for another week, then home for two days and off to Dallas and then Charleston, we still have seats left in all 3 of my Fall workshops where you can learn how to set up your own eDesign business, how to be 95% sure the colour you see online is the colour that arrives in your home, how to transform the way you see colour, how to sell your classic and timeless aesthetic AND create a look and a feel (which is what everyone wants). Register here.

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  1. Maria /
    Pretty front doors!
    Want to hear all about your Fiji trip !!!
    Love anything health .
    Well that ..color and design too …
    Went and bought the oil you talked about Udo’s ..
    thanks for sharing not only your color expertise but your journeys too !!

  2. Maria and Tricia are miracle workers. I am so happy that I found this blog and no longer have to waste time second guessing myself. I continue to learn so much from reading the content every week! I am so happy with my new door, it gives my house the perfect color pop. I am working on my landscape to also bring in some blue as well. Thank you over and over again!

  3. Every time you do a post about adding a new color to your front door, I die a little inside.
    Dam HOA!!
    Pattie made the perfect choice. A little blue fixes everything. ?

  4. So pretty and so inviting! I love periwinkle blue. It is so fresh and it relates well with the pillow and flowering pots! Just lovely! I am sure it makes her happy every time she enters her home! Good job!

    Love following your adventures through Italy and now Fiji. You really know how to have fun! We have used Udo products before. We try to stay healthy as well. We have a green drink every day which has been a blessing as we never seem to get colds or the flu. Have a great time this week!

  5. Hi Maria, if the front of a house is all brick (either a single color or multi-colored like the brick homes in my area) instead of a solid color siding, would the Door Color need to relate to the brick? Or could it be a color that relates to something else in the area like a bench, flowers, pot, etc.


  6. Hi Maria
    I read your blog with enthusiasm and I think I now have a better eye for color thanks to your excellent coaching. Since you live in greater Vancouver I’m curious about why I have never seen a cedar ceiling in any photos. Today’s white kitchen/ white ceiling photo got me thinking about the westcoast look. My very open plan home in West Vancouver (built in mid-70’s) has cathedral ceilings-all in brownish yellow cedar. I would never paint the ceilings “Cape Cod” white plank because I live in Pacific NW and I like west coast aesthetic. But the ceilings do “own me” re color and light. Walls are all
    white and many big windows which provide the grey-green of Vancouver tree, rock, water colours. (Looking at a pink and grey-blue sunset right now). Any chance you could play with some ideas in one of your posts, to give westcoast style cedar ceiling rooms a perk up?