My New Decorative Gate: Before & After

When MaryAnne White, my Landscape Architect and I were discussing the decorative fencing and gate for the side entrance to the backyard, she sent over this picture with a note that said “Your gate should look like this”.


And of course, that’s just what I installed.


Here’s the before with the endless amounts of concrete we inherited last year when we bought this house.

New Gate

And here’s the after with the decorative fencing, flagstone, trellis for the climbing Hydrangea, Dogwood tree, Boxwood and gate installed.  I planted some Mums earlier this month as most of the Perennials won’t be installed next Spring.

I didn’t like any of the hinges that were available at the local hardware stores so I went shopping on-line to find it and had a very interesting experience.

Gate Hardware


This is the hinge I wanted. The first site I found it was $124 from Home Depot. After searching for other options, I was prepared to buy it.

They would NOT ship to Canada and wouldn’t even ship it to my PO box at the border (we’re only 20 minutes from the Sumas, WA border), because then the shipping address would be different from the billing address.

So I kept searching and found it again for around $75. I thought, ‘Great, even better’. They did not have any in stock.

I kept looking and found the exact same set of hinges for $35 from Amazon.

Who knew that kind of deal could be found with just a few more clicks.

My Terreeia is back from Italy, I’m trying to talk her into writing a guest post about her trip! That would be fun. She said it was everything she thought it would be and much more.

Happy Monday my lovelies!

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  1. I love the half size gate and the touches of white through out the landscape. I am also just finishing off my backyard and I have set aside an area for the raised garden beds. Thank you for all the great ideas and lessons.

  2. Maria,
    I love how you turned the UGLY concrete area into a BEAUTIFUL area!!!!! What a delightful transformation. I will save your blog to remind me how something that appears to be so ugly can be changed into something quite attractive.

  3. Thanx so much KJ for the image search tip – totally works – another new world opens. Live and learn from this site and awesome contributors.

  4. Love the gate…its so different. I see you planted the climbing hydrangea i reccommended. You will love it.

  5. I just did same thing in reverse looking for gate hardware! I live in the US but found the hardware at the right price at Hinge and Latch.comin Canada. Paid a lot for shipping tho…

  6. Alicia Stavropoulos

    I love the transformation taking place in your yard before our very eyes! Thank you for sharing. I am more impressed with Mary Anne with each new landscape post. I love the gate and the hinge. Great find and proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way. On the way to visit Mary Anne’s website! ~ Alicia

  7. MaryAnne,
    Congratulations on your first anniversary!
    This landscape transformation that you accomplished for Maria is absolutely amazing and beautiful, especially considering that your consultation was done on-line. That was gutsy!
    Karen Swedlund

  8. Oop, oh no, I posted on the wrong site! This was accidential. I was excited to see that it finally worked until I realized it was on the wrong website! I tried repeatedly to post on MaryAnne’s website (again) and couldn’t make it work even though several hundreds of other people apparently had no problem to post.
    Maria, please forward my comment to MaryAnne.
    Thank you very much!
    Karen Swedlund

    • The lattice is vinyl and the rest is wood. The fencing is vinyl which means zero maintenance – Hooray!