Decorating My Sister’s New Home Schooling Room

This weekend my sister Elizabeth was home alone without the kids. Her husband took them camping with a friend.

No one and I mean no one can get me to pick up a paintbrush except my sister Elizabeth. It literally hurts me to paint. My neck and shoulders are instantly sore and my body usually takes days to recover.

This is the reason I have never painted one single room in my own house! But I have painted a lot in my life. You can’t be someone who chooses paint colours for a living and NOT know how to paint.

So when she told me she was going to paint the neglected office/storage room (above) that’s located right beside her most beautiful room in the world, I raised my eyebrows.

‘Do you have any idea how to cut in?’ I inquired doubtfully?

‘Nope, but you can show me right?’ She responded with a twinkle in her eye. Knowing I might end up showing her how to do it by doing it all anyway, haha.

Well since I get just as excited as she does about a new decorating project, she was right!

My sister has been homeschooling my two sweet nephews for a few years now and her husband mentioned it would be nice if they had a dedicated spot to do their school work instead of just sitting at the kitchen island.

Since you look right into the office from this room, I suggested we paint the room the same colour as the x ottomans (below):

Turquoise Ottoman | White Painted Fireplace | Custom Drapery | Decorating with Pink & Blue


BM Rolling Hills Green

Also, this colour will clash badly with their old world map so I found a new one:

Need a new world map for that room

We have a budget of $2000. So here’s what I put together today.

The best way to know if everything you’ve found online will work together is to group them all on  a Pinterest Board or photoshop, or a power point presentation.

This is why our eDesign department is so busy and successful.

Then, it’s important to read the reviews because the comments will often give away if the colour is true when it arrives.


Office chair | Desk | Drapes | Printer Cabinet | Flush Mount Light

And then, we read the reviews on the curtains and someone even posted a photo of what they looked like when they arrived:

So unfortunately, we are back to the drawing board on looking for curtains. She ordered the desks but we’ll wait on the chairs until we find the off-the-shelf-curtains.

Pretty is slim in pre-made curtains. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love if you’d post them in the comments!

Here are some other homeschooling rooms I found:

Love this huge room with cubicles! How cool is that:


This one is so creative with a photo of each child above their work station:


And you don’t have to have a dedicated room to home school your kids!

The furniture blogger

Here is what my sister has to say about homeschooling her boys:

Markus & William

I wanted to homeschool from the very beginning because I enjoy spending every minute of the day with my boys.

My husband had different ideas so we ended up enrolling them at our local school.

By the time my oldest, William, was finishing grade 2 I saw a drastic difference in his behaviour. My usually happy-go-lucky boy was not happy anymore. I could see he was depressed and he would complain a lot about not having enough time to play and make all the projects he had planned in his head.

In Kindergarten he had been so social and confident and over just a few years he was not that. The summer before grade three, I convinced my husband that we needed to homeschool our boys because I couldn’t watch my dear sweet boy suffer anymore. The boys were both overjoyed and we haven’t looked back.

William has blossomed and is back to my joyful, happy, creative boy that he was before school. The boys are busy all day long building, creating and also getting some schoolwork in too. The house is always a mess as many of you have seen through Maria’s before and after pictures, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is my dream job and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to work outside the home.

The longer I homeschool, the more my husband and I are convinced it is the best thing we could’ve done.

They are able to explore their passions and learn what they want to learn and also being able to spend hours on a project such as a popsicle stick boat.

I know they will be ready for life because they live in the real world everyday whether it be going to a bank appointment with us to renew our mortgage or going to a doctors appointment with grandma.

I can go on and on but if anyone is thinking about doing it I say absolutely go for it.

Okay, I also wanted to mention that my husband noticed the stress level went down in our house as well because he would come home from work and instead of the kids and I being stressed from the days events we are happy and present with a warm welcome home.

Colour is Timeless

Here are my sweet nephews, hanging out in their freshly painted home school room!

I’ll post the before and after when I have them!

How many of you noticed a difference with your kids once you started homeschooling?

If anyone has a source on where I can find the leafy (not tropical) curtains, please post it below!

Also, I’d love to write a post about my colour wheel. If you have questions on how to use it and photos to go along with how you’re using it, please email them here.

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  1. Hello Maria and Elizabeth! I am very excited to hear about this new project, and I look forward to seeing the before and after photos – and also the finished project in real life when I visit. William and Markus must be thrilled!

    Love, Lea

  2. A source of well made window coverings is surprisingly Vermont Country Store. They bought Country Curtains last year and carry the same products. Good quality, large selection, and some clean colors. Love learning about your projects!

  3. I have a really good workroom whose owner is really knowledgeable when it comes to cost effective fabrics, which are wider and self-lined. I get to chose from many patterns and fabrics and the end result is so much better than online guessing. Also, I have access to ready made drapes through an interior decor shop that carries several lines. I then see exactly what I’m getting and they’re very cost effective. Sorry, they are in Edmonton, but there should be many in Vancouver.

    • Hi Beverly,
      I have access to inexpensive fabrics and a workroom as well if necessary, but it still adds up to more than $69.99 a panel from IKEA for example. . . we are on a budget for this room 🙂 Thanks for your comment! Maria

  4. I’m looking for affordable print curtains, and you’re right, pickings aren’t great!

    I loved hearing Elizabeth’s story. The best I ever did in my life was homeschool my three girls all the way through high school. They are all wonderful women who love and are well-loved.

  5. My cheat for curtains with texture:
    If i don’t need them floor to ceiling, is to buy extra large Peshtemal throws on etsy. There’s all kinds if you look around. The diamond weaves are gorgeous.

    If I need them static on a rod, I fold generously over the top to give a tier and show off the handmade fringe and sew a casing. If they need to be opened and closed lot, I flip the tops over for that tier effect and suspend them from rings with clips from Ikea. This is what I do for shower curtains. I don’t even use a liner since they are easy to take down and wash about once month. Just be sure to get them made from linen and not cotton to stand up to the constant damp.

    Oddly enough I’ve found some pretty floor length curtain at Urban Outfitters. They tend to be sheer so I layer them with rattan blinds.

  6. I homeschooled my 3 children — now 25, 23 and 20 — and I don’t regret it for a minute! The time we had together as a family is priceless and they all consider each other best friends. It was a sacrifice but one that has reaped a hundred fold. Keep up the good work, Elizabeth! There will be days when you are tired and just want some peace and quiet — but it is over in a blink of the eye. My daughter was telling someone not too long ago — “We sat on the couch and read a lot!” That about sums it up but they are all excelling in their chosen professions.(2 commercial pilots, 1 horse trainer) Thank you Maria for a wonderful blog!

  7. Maria, the room looks great – I homeschooled my 4 children all the way and they are now ages 20-32 and wonderful adults with productive lives. I don’t regret a minute of it. I spent 25 years of my life on this and can’t think of a more important thing I could have done.

  8. I just saw a new display at Bed Bath and Beyond. All leaf patterns in different colors. But all solid colors. 2 panels per pkg. but only 31″ wide per panel.Also, Penney’s has some leaf pattern drapes in long lengths, with an actual off white(they called cool white), just for some extra information. ?

  9. I love reading about about homeschooling families (there is such a huge homeschooling population now!). We’re contemplating homeschooling ourselves. Best wishes and a new homeschooling room would be SO FUN!

  10. We homeschool! In fact, I had to laugh when I read your kitchen island post because it’s where all the educational magic happens in my home; I love my huge island! My kids actually attend a one day a week classical cottage school that provides class instruction and work for the rest of the week. It’s really the best of both worlds: the positive aspects of school and the flexibility and lifestyle we enjoy with homeschool. I’m just thankful we enjoy so many educational options in this country and you can choose what’s best for your family!

  11. I purchase fabric from Fabric Guru, and look in their remnant section. Often fabric is 75% off. I recently purchased 12 yards of Duralee fabric for $28, including shipping & tax. It did have a very slight flaw, but as a drape, you’ll never see it. Making drapes is fairly easy if you can measure and sew in a straight line, even lined drapes are simple. You do need big work tables for layout, pinning, etc. It might be a good home school project!

  12. Hey Maria

    Wayfair has a lot of green and white leaf patterned curtains. I am enrolled in their professional program and they have been fabulous with me and my orders. Give them a try. By the way, green is one of my favorite colours, so fresh and happy. Love it
    Can’t wait to see the after pics

  13. We homeschool and it is wonderful for our family. We do have a room we call an office that is half computer area and half school area with an arm chair for me. The kids prefer sitting on a milk crate, lol. They use a folding table so we can move the table when we’re doing other things but I’m thinking about getting them a table/work bench that attaches to the wall and folds up and down.

    The cubicles in the example photo look cool but they won’t create the collaborative feeling of homeschool with everyone separate and looking at the wall.

    Looking forward to the after pics.

  14. We homeschooled our five children for many years, and this post brought back so many happy memories! I will say, the stress increased greatly when they went to school!! Wish I had pics of our homeschool room, and can’t wait to see the nephews’ new place to learn. My best to Elizabeth and her boys!!

  15. Reading your sister thoughts on homeschooling brought many fond memories of the years I homeschooled my 2 kids, now 25 & 22. it was the best thing for our family and I have no regrets. I still miss it after 4 years.Yes, there were hard days, but so worth it. The relationship my husband and I have with our kids now is priceless and I contribute that to homeschooling. It gave us to time to invest in each others lives and our family. If you are thinking about homeschooling I say give it a try.

    I love the paint color and look forward to seeing the after pictures.