Maria’s Timeless White Master Ensuite Reveal; Before & After

Maria’s Master Ensuite Reveal – Before & After

I know, I know, someone actually thought maybe my contractor had disappeared it’s been so long since I renovated my bathrooms (last summer). But the real reason for the delay in having them photographed was simply that I needed to get the sheers chosen and installed for the windows.

Lame excuse really, but here it finally is.

Before this bathroom was completed, I would bathe only at night, and RARELY in this house in the past six years (since we moved in) because the tub in this bathroom was too large (it was a jacuzzi tub built for two) and I hated the pink beige combined shower and tub insert in the main bathroom, that reveal I recently posted here.

Anyway, now I bathe every morning. In between looking at my phone after I’ve washed my hair, I love to gaze at my row of gold framed botanicals. They just make me happy.

Here was the plan I told you about last year, with a pic of the bathroom when we originally took possession:

It was my friend and interior designer Jan Romanuk’s brilliant idea to extend the bulkhead and add puck lights to make it look intentional. She also designed the new millwork.

When we moved in, I replaced the previous homeowners taupe ‘accent wall’ with Palladian Blue which was the same as the master bedroom. I also replaced the bar light and towel bar but that was it.

I was so happy when we ripped it all out! Including the radiator, we added in-floor heat instead.

And here’s the after:

I chose a 2″ off-white hex tile and medium toned green grey grout for the floor. And the tile wainscotting is a true white 3″ x 6″ beveled subway tile with a matching cap moulding for the top.

Read all about whites and how to choose them in my White is Complicated ebook available here.

Yellow roses from my garden


Vanity BM Whythe Blue | Walls are SW Incredible White | Mirror | Sconces Kate Spade | Knobs

You can see that I chose chrome faucets for the tub and vanity, I repeated the chrome in the towel bars (shown below) and the brass is repeated in the mirror, lighting , knobs and framed botanicals.

Faucet  | Photography by Barry Calhoun


After | Ottoman and candlesticks is from HomeSense | Area rug no longer available

I designed custom sheers  to distract the eye from the underwhelming generic windows. I did the same thing–but it’s more dramatic–for my lovely client Crystal’s ensuite here.

A few years ago, I bought 10 botanicals at High Point Market, I planned to hang them in my living room.

Then I had this statement art painted so I was left without a room for them until this renovation.

We completed the renovation in August last year and then when I went to High Point again in the Spring so I bought 4 more botanicals because I wanted them to wrap all the way around this room.

Here you can see them looking into the master bedroom (below):

Botanicals | Frames

Here is the real estate photo of the master bedroom before we moved in:


And here’s the after (see more pics of my Master Bedroom here)

Here is the bathroom again:


Notice, there’s nothing boring about this bathroom but if you were looking at plain subway tile and hex tile along with the moulding cap BEFORE it was installed, you’d be thinking THIS IS TOO BORING.

However, boring equals timeless as I’ve said many times on this blog for those in the know!

Just like when you start a new build, you should technically have your decorating plan finalized even BEFORE you choose colours for a single item, it’s the same thing with a renovation.

In my main bathroom, I knew I was hanging the black and white framed artwork back into the room with a couple of additions, that inspired the black and white finishes.

In this bathroom, I already had the botanicals and they where what inspired this room. I think Barbara Sallick would approve.

I also installed the same faucet (but in different finishes) in both bathrooms. I learned my lesson when I chose two different faucets for my Mom’s Carriage house.


I cannot tell you how much I love this bathroom. It’s now my favourite room in my house! I feel blessed!

We just finished our Dallas workshop and it was fabulous! I met so many amazing women (and sometimes men attend too) and I saw lots of great networking happening too!

Terreeia and I are exploring Charleston this weekend, our Specify with Confidence Workshop here starts Tuesday, we have 2 seats left, so there’s still time to register here.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Maria, your bathroom is so lovely! The colors flow so well from your master bedroom into this bathroom. My favorite thing might actually be that yellow rug! Beautiful job and I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

  2. The combination of aqua and yellow is one of my favorites, so I LOVE this. I also love botanical art. I WANT that yellow stool.

  3. Wow, beautiful. Just finished reading White is Complicated for a second time since I’m working on a couple bathroom renovations. I like how you mixed off white and true white here. Im assuming that was to repeat the true white of the freestanding tub?

  4. Maria:

    Your new master bathroom is just gorgeous! I love what you’ve done and the bright touch of lemon yellow, my own favorite color! And….the before and after shots of your master bedroom? Hello to what a designer is capable of achieving!

    Have a great time in Charleston this weekend, and thank you for inspiring us with your beautiful home!

  5. It’s at once classic and timeless. Beautiful! You mentioned that you use the bath, after you wash your hair, but where do you wash your hair? (Visions of Mom leaning us over the bathtub or the sink, with a washcloth to keep shampoo out of our eyes. Lol.) We are currently having this discussion in our household. (Also, love the two grout colors. When I formerly specified just that, I was told it just isn’t done. As I was busy fighting the “no fake shutters battle, I let the builder win that one. Darn.)

  6. Maria, this looks great! I learn so much from your rooms since you always explain HOW and WHY you made design choices. I really like how you’ve repeated silver and gold metals in the space. I’ve been struggling with how to incorporate brass/gold so this is a great example.

    In the pictures it looks like there are different grout colors on the walls and floor. It looks fabulous! I’m curious how you came to that decision. To my eye the grey grout adds dimension mimicking the shadow lines from the beveled tiles. Was that the intent or did you have other things in mind?

    • The reason I chose grey grout for the floor tile was simply because it gets dirty. I have chosen many green beige colours for white bathrooms with white tile and dirty grout because it truly was the most prominent colour in the room. Maria

  7. Love the update…love that you took your time to update. People can make so many mistakes if they rush into an update. It’s timeless and gorgeous! You hit it out of the ball park! (as usual)

  8. Beautiful job on your bathroom. I read and re-read your White is Complicated e-book when I started to do our bathroom. We ripped everything out and started over. I went with the hex tile with silver gray grout. We loved it right away. I used bevelled subway tile (with white grout) around my new claw-foot tub. I kept the large double sink vanity white with a quartz top that was white marbled with some gray. The wall paint was BM Beach Glass. Without your book and advice, I know it wouldn’t have been such a success. Every decision I made was thought about 10 times over. But I can say that my bathroom is definitely timeless. I’m still working on the small details that make it come together. Most importantly, I feel happy everytime I walk into that room.
    Thanks, Maria.

  9. This is hands down the loveliest bathroom I have ever seen. You rock Maria! Want to share what your choice in perfumes are:)

  10. It’s truelly beautiful! Even though it’s colorful, it looks serene.
    When I first looked at your new wall color, I thought it looked pinkish. Does it have a pink undertone?
    And can you explain why you went with Whythe blue for the vanity instead of the Palladian blue from your bedroom?

    • Good question, I went one shade darker with the turquoise because an accent colour should usually be darker. Which is why it doesn’t work to paint your kitchen island white (for example) if the rest of the kitchen is a wood stain.

      Yes the walls do have the slightest hint of pink! Maria

  11. Beautiful! So happy! You’re happy!
    Question – with that size of a vanity, most people would insist on double sinks. I always think it’s silly given it leaves you with zero counter space and often less storage. I think T uses the other bathroom, so was one enough?

    What were your thoughts as you designed it?

    • It just wasn’t big enough for double sinks and as you correctly assumed, T uses the main bathroom! She loves the walk in shower, it was designed that way upon her request! Thanks for your comment Glenda! xo

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love the color of the vanity and the classic lines of the tub and the sconces and the botannicals and…well, everything! Kindred spirit here – I also have a Palladian Blue bedroom and it makes me happy every day!

  13. Must say, I am in complete awe, I keep looking at the before and after pics, and sure enough, it is the same space, but looks so much bigger! Your buddy, Jan is also a genius! The botanicals really make it special! Great work!

  14. Lovely, just lovely! It is so spa like! No wonder you like to bathe every morning. All that you would need is one of the trays that fits across the tub for your morning coffee and your shampoo etc. The colors are soothing. Also love the sconces that you finally chose. They are just perfect! Awesome! Fabulous job!

    • Lucy, I ordered one from Anthropologie and didn’t even THINK to measure it, assuming it would be adjustable. It wasn’t. So back it went. And the photoshoot went on without one boo hoo. Thanks for your comment, as always! xo

  15. It is indeed timeless and classic Maria, and your heart must smile secretly every time you enter the space. I love the gold accessories, and you have unknowingly answered a question of mine, can you mix metallics? Yes you can. Softly feminine and elegant, you do have a great eye Maria. The wait was well worth it.

  16. Maria, I just discovered your blog and it’s so very helpful! Take a look at my bathrooms. Right next to each other! Ugh. I want to do the same black and white floor in the peach bath which we’re gutting. And maybe even the beadboard but with a black vanity. I hate that they look so totally different and that you see them at the same time. So now I think they may end up too similar when I’m finished! Oops, I can’t attach a pic but It’s classic white tile with small black squares and white beadboard …