5 Ways to Transform your Bedroom Right Now!

For years and years, every time I have tried to source off-the-shelf bedding for a client, I walk away from the stores, pretty much uninspired. So I end up getting custom bedding made or I’ll suggest a white or cream duvet cover with custom shams.

All of that has changed with this really fun bedding I found recently. Since the master bedroom is the most neglected room in the house, maybe now is the time to DO SOMETHING about it!

So here are my best tips to help you have a beautiful bedroom:

1. If you’re not a pattern person, the following examples might be too much for your master bedroom, but certainly perfect for a guest room.

2. Or you could just buy shams and then a solid, coordinating duvet or just the duvet cover with solid shams for some colour inspiration. After all, it’s pretty hard to get excited about a paint colour when it relates to nothing in the room.

Once you have the bedding, take it to your nearest paint store and get a paint colour to go with it.

Santorini Bedding

JC Penny

Taupe & Turquoise Bedding

JC Penny

3.  If you choose bedding with a neutral in it like the comforter above, makes sure you can find that same colour in your carpet, otherwise it won’t look custom.

This bedding would be perfect in a room with taupe wall-to-wall carpeting. You can see in this image that the flooring coordinates with the carpet and the walls are slightly greener but pretty darn close. Get the list of all the neutrals in my ebook here.

turquoise, coral and yellow bedding


Here, they’ve shown it with green carpet but a green grey carpet would work too.

Let’s face it, most people have carpet in their bedroom over hardwood, which is why I’m talking about broadloom and not area rugs.

yellow, green and coral bedding


4. If you have a small bedroom, don’t worry about the broadloom. Visually, all anyone will really notice, is the bedding. It’s a larger bedroom, like the master, with lots of room for furniture and seating, where the colour of your wall-to-wall carpeting becomes really important and should be found in a duvet if there’s pattern in it.

Neutral + White Bedding

JC Penny

This duvet cover should coordinate with the neutral carpeting in the room, just like it does here. It looks like a green or yellow beige would both work. You can see that the headboard is a green beige.

Blue + White Bedding

JC Penny

5.  White plus a colour can be incorporated into a room with almost any beige or grey carpeting, then it won’t look like you’re ignoring it.

West Elm Pintuck Bedding

If you can’t get into all this pattern and colour, I have one of these duvet covers (above) from West Elm. What’s fun about it this one is that it’s impossible to iron, so the wrinkled look that you see above, is what you pull out of the dryer and it still looks great. I’m not a fan of the matching shams but the duvet has lots of texture and is a great way to upgrade the look of your bedroom right now!

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. THANK YOU for showing bedding that normal people can afford! I’d rather spend the big bucks on a great mattress and higher thread count sheets. I actually like the 5th one (all neutrals) but it’s completely different than the current JCPenney comforter I have, which is deep red and a kind of Moroccan paisley look.

  2. Great post Maria! I tend to stick with neutrals and the traditional toile. Love #4. I also prefer the “Open Bed” look. Pottery Barn is my favorite place for bedding. I have a great Aisan Toile quilt from them that I love. I recently painted my Master Bedroom the background color (sea glass blue/green) of that quilt. And also found a beautiful oversized Down Blanket on QVC that works as a layering piece.

  3. Bedding and bedrooms. Not too long ago I purchased 3 pairs of awesome draperies and 2 throw pillows from a very nice consignment shop here in Cincinnati. The drapes were too good to pass up; warm (read dirty for Maria) buttery fabric with my favorite rose and sage green floral motifs; camellias, those stick lilies that look naked without leaves, primroses, etc. Disappointing that no bed cover was available but the drapes are lined and interlined and weighted! I need only 2 pairs of the drapes for my windows so thinking about cutting up the extra pair for pillow shams. Still deciding about cannibalizing those drapes or having shams made from a sage (bluish sage green and not the yucky burned sage color) buffalo check with a giant bright rose monogram across the middle. Because of not having any matching bed cover I opted for a matching (YES! it matches) pretty quilt in the warm creamy French Vanilla color. I bought 3 of these and they are working out well because of our Siamese cats. Wall paint was a victory because we did find a lovely champagne/French Vanilla color. To pull the sage buffalo check in, if we go that route for the shams, I would love to use the same fabric for shades under the drapes. If I don’t use the drapes for the shams I will use one o them to cover the pad I have on my cedar chest. Yes, Old Hopeless is still in the bedroom. The only problem with doing it this way is that it takes too long! I am seeing my house through new eyes now after reading Maria’s blog and I am so happy to learn that not all of what I’ve done was awful, lol!!!! THANK YOU!