What every Lighting Obsessed Gal (or Guy) Should Know


 Starry Lights

I know, I’m completely obsessed with lighting. It’s hard to escape from a consult with me, without getting suggestions for at least 4 lamps.

The other day, I had spent 1 hour and 45 minutes with a client in an on-line consultation. We had chosen colours, furniture, area rugs, lighting, coffee tables and accessories and she said “Okay, I don’t have any more questions, I love everything you chose for me, I think I’m done”. I said “But we have 15 more minutes”, and she said “You’ve spent all my money virtually already, I need to go shopping now”.

Recently I found the chandelier for my dining room and had it installed. It’s beautiful and I love it!  It’s a mixture of glass and crystals and when it’s lit at night, the shadows from the crystals give the effect of wallpaper in my dining room. Very pretty.

However, the reverse effect can be very bad. I once walked into a clients master bedroom. The room was painted a dark greeny gray colour and she had a flush mount crystal chandelier (similar to this one below). In her huge master bedroom, the effect of the shadows created by the crystals and the colour in the room, well it was just plain BAD.

crystal flush mount


Here’s another example (below). What if it’s installed somewhere, and the effect created by the shadows isn’t pretty? Something to think about when you are choosing this type of lighting.

Glass or paper. That question should be in your mind along with ‘Is the style correct for the space’ while selecting lighting.


One of my clients homes is mostly dark as it’s set in the trees beside a mountain and a previous homeowner had installed OUTDOOR lanterns on the walls in her kitchen and sconces with glass shades in the family room. After I gave her my suggestions for new wall sconces I told her my best tip was to buy lighting with a paper shade instead of glass or crystals.

blue water cafe

A perfect example of this was the restaurant I was in recently. Terreeia’s clients took us out for a champagne and caviar dinner (it was a celebration) at the Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown. It was completely packed the whole time we were there. And the wall sconce lighting with paper shades gave the restaurant this gorgeous, ambient light.

Lamp shades, my lovelies. . . that is the secret. Here are some wall sconces that don’t need to be hardwired in case you need to add some ASAP:

If you are on a budget, here’s two from IKEA:

IKEA Sconce Lighting


arstid wall lamp

For $19.99 there’s no excuse to live without more lighting.

What everyone should know about Atmosphere


Here’s one from the pottery barn it’s $199. I especially like that you can choose a shade with a blue or pink band. Perfect if you don’t have a large night stand or if you have a sectional in a corner with no room for a floor or table lamp.

swing arm light This one is $166. A simple, transitional design that goes pretty much anywhere.

Advice for the Lighting Obsessed


For anyone that’s into brass, here’s one for $170.

circa lighting


And here’s one in oil-rubbed bronze for $265. It also comes in other finishes.

Then if you need to add some lighting, it could look like this:

jeffrey bilhuberor this. Click on images to get to the source.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

or this:

jeffrey bilhuber yellow

What about you? Have you ever installed a light and were bitterly disappointed when you turned it on at night?

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