Are Patterned Sofas Trendy? Yay or Nay

One of my lovely readers Becky, sent me this email earlier this week:

yesterday in the New York Times Mag I noticed an ad for a couch from….a British Company that is now in the Big Apple.The sofa
has two different types of upholstery, one on the base, another on the
cushions…photo of sofa (plus puppy) is attached.  I wonder if there
is a term for this type of look? Do you think it is a new trend  or
just a passing fad….I have seen it in at least two other designer
showrooms locally. Does this trend have “legs”  Would you do it? How
would you approach this color-wise?










My response was “Most people buy solid colours when they buy sofas but it could have legs, remember the 80’s how many floral sofas we bought? I still walk into homes with floral sofas from that era”. Colour wise I would approach it just like any other large pattern in your home. Certainly with a pattern this large scale, it needs to be the most important piece in the room.

Notice though that had this sofa been photographed against the brick wall it would have been way too busy, instead the back of the sofa has some kind of art against it.

Over to you, what do you think? Does this trend have legs?

Those of you that have been following me on Facebook in my 37 Days of Learning Undertones Series this is a test. What’s the undertone of the beige in the sofa?

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  1. The stripes are stylish and classy. But I think anyone who buys into this trend would have to make a smart decision about which pattern they choose. Maybe choose a neutral along with a pattern like the couch above.

  2. Back in the late 90s, I bought a floral sofa. It’s now at my mom’s house, but surprisingly I still love it. The colors are very muted, and it has a great shape that appeals to me. It’s very English country, which is a style that I really like. Of course, now in my own home, I have a green sofa with a tufted back, that I also love.

    I don’t know if patterned sofas are a trend or not. I really think it is a matter of what you love. I still love my old floral sofa, and if I hadn’t married my wonderful husband, I’d still have it.

  3. It really is a matter of taste. Many people don’t like floral couches, but I do!! It really does bring in a natural setting into my living room, and the family room has beige leather couches. Floral designs give my home (plants in every room absorbs impurities in the air) a sort of island look. The woven braided rugs have the same colors and blend in beautifully. Of course the drapes are all solid colors. You cannot please all the people all the time. If a home is kept clean, and you welcome your guests with open arms, having solid couches or florals really don’t make a difference. Let’s get on with life, and stop focusing on what type of furniture we have. Thank God that you have a home to live in because many don’t!!!