Which Hardwood Floor is the Most Timeless?

You know what I find fascinating?  At the same time as we all want to know the latest trends in colour and design, we also search high and low–as well as conduct polls with our family and friends, dogs and cats–in order to discover which look is the most timeless.
It’s not this one (source)

Flooring is a huge design decision to make when planning a renovation or building a new house. It’s secondary in importance to the wall colours which obviously take up the most square footage so it’s wise to think about the look and feel you are creating and not simply install the latest trend.

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What colour is your hardwood floor? What colour do you wish they were?

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  1. I know this is an old post, but couldn’t help but tell how I picked our hardwood floor. I went with a medium oak stain (it has the orange undertone) because it helped hide the dirt from the yard!

  2. Hi Maria,
    I am building a new home and I would like your opinion on what color to get for my wood floors.
    I going to have espresso color cabinets with gold white springs granite, agreeable gray color for the walls. thanks, Marta

  3. I get your newsletter and I can’t find this article. We built a beautiful house last fall and we have to tear out the tile. The installer tried a new product on us and the tile is a mess! I’d love hardwood now that they have to redo it all anyway.