What Everyone should Know about Blue

(Blue Hubbard 8438 Sherwin Williams) House Beautiful

My favourite place for blue is Master Bedrooms.  So many people use white bedding and blue is so pretty with white.

And, blue can be a tricky colour to choose. If you don’t gray it down enough, it ends up baby blue on the walls and–unless you pair it with lots of white or a bright colour to warm it up—a gray/blue that’s too dark can end up looking too much like ‘teenage boys room’ or a ‘man cave’.

So when House Beautiful sent me their little book called Blue to review, I learned something new about blue. And here’s what it was:

Interior Design by Carlton Varney

If you keep it a happy, clear blue and you go darker, it works.  Just like this wonderful blue above, Farrow & Ball Cook’s Blue 237. I’ve been specifying gray blues for so long, I never thought much about it. The only time I would pick a bright blue like the one above is if I was for a kids bedroom.

(BM Bermuda Turquoise) House Beautiful
However, now that trend colours are moving from earth tones to bright and clear hues we’ll start seeing more patterns and upholstery in brighter shades to use as well (below).
Interior Design by John Barman (Fine Paints of Europe Delft Blue)
The interesting constant about House Beautiful’s little Blue book was that it was primarily filled with blue and white rooms and very little in blue’s traditional complement of yellow or orange. It’s no surprise that I can count on one hand how many times I’ve specified yellow in the last 6 months. Grays, blue’s and greens are what my clients are asking for, over and over.
Interior Design by Joe Nahem (source)

Blue is the world’s most favourite colour, so if it’s yours, this stunning little book with one beautiful room after another (and all with colour names) is for you! Click here to order your copy.

Do you have a blue room in your house?

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me.

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  1. My master is a serene moderate blue with purple/grey undertone with white trim, as is the bedding. THe furniture is a deep tobacco brown and the accents are brushed nickle. And i love this room, it is my haven and retreat. I chose it a year ago after reading your blog for over a year and listening to you say pick what you love! Thank you Maria!

  2. My favorite color is blue and my home reflects that. I am amazed that although most people like blue, you don’t find much at the retail level. I just ordered a new chair and found the fabric options very limited.

  3. I have painted my boys’ room BM Smoke for the 3rd time. It is an absolutely perfect color, suited to any age! My bedroom, office, and back door are all BM Hale Navy, truly a classic, sharp navy. I imagine these colors would translate beautifully into any space and home!