What colour are your towels? How to see upcoming Colour Trends

I’m back with some photos to share of my trip to New York!

The Christmas decorations and the lights are the most extraordinary here than anywhere I’ve ever seen! This is Rockefeller Center (above).

Saks Fifth Avenue right across the street

This is Saks inside, I think this store had the most impressive decor!

I thought this display outside a florist shop was pretty with the blue!

In New York you can buy a Christmas tree for your apartment right on the street.

Mary and I went to the Scandinavian Center where I bought this scarf (we both bought the same one actually). Okay, better with a black dress, but you get the idea 🙂

Friday night I walked around the shops in Soho and saw the worlds largest owl macramé! I made one of these as a kid. This was 2 stories high in J Crew. Very cool!

And since so many of you said I had to go to ABC Carpet & Home, I went, in the snow and rain on Saturday afternoon! I loved tufted sofas in any form and this one is in one of my favourite colours!

They have an entire floor dedicated to bedding, it was absolutely to die for!

I would describe this store as ethereal and organic, look at this headboard (is that what it truly is? Must be).

Gorgeous chandeliers everywhere!

At the CMG Conference last April one of the speakers said, if you want to know where colour direction is going, start at the towel department.

So if you are wondering why I’m showing you towels, that’s the reason. Here are the taupe/gray/blue section of shades.

I bought this for a client’s powder room a while ago. They did not work at all and I took them straight back but I was surprised to see the same ones here (just the soap pump was $268), I think it was around $35 at Homesense.

Here you can get bath mats that look like art!

Here is the colourful furniture and of course I got a photo on my favourite style of leather. If you are going to buy leather (see this post) buy a Chesterfield.

And of course the Belgian trend is alive and well here!

That’s ABC Home, thank you all for sending me there, it was fabulous!

My cousin and her friend from Finland (I forgot to get a photo) were coincidentally in town this weekend as well so we met at the W Hotel for drinks and dinner.

Sunday, Paivi and I were off to the Cooper Hewitt Museum (which apparently every designer should see) but we got lost on the subways which were not running as often on the weekend!

By the time we figured it out (should have just got into a cab) we were in Queens and my feet were so sore, we ended up going to Bloomingdales on 57th instead.

A trip to New York would not be complete without a picture or two of Central Park.

I didn’t get everywhere I wanted to go, but there’s always next time!

If you would like to transform the way you see colour, become a True Colour Expert.

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  1. Between you, me and the Fencepost

    When I saw the title to your post I was so disappointed that your post was about towels not your trip to New York. . . . Good post and pictures. The Christmas trees on the street remind ome of When Harry met Sally.

  2. Ruthie's Renewed Treasures

    Looks like you had a blast! Love the photo's! Next Christmas I want to go to New York. Oh, and I love the hat….stylin'.

    Way fun!


  3. Oh that was great, love seeing vacation shots…the christmas trees on the street reminds me of an episode of Friends, love the decorations everywhere. Looks like you had the best time ever…

  4. Hill Country House Girl

    What a great post, Maria! We took our girls to NYC last year for Christmas and it was amazing. I am so glad you got to experience it at this time of year and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!! You are so cute in the pics, too – clearly having a great time!

    By the way, looks like you got one of those dumb spam comments by "anonymous" – have a wonderful holiday season! Ann

  5. Jill Seidner | Interior Design

    You captured some really great pics of NYC decorated for the holidays! (I was there last year after the holidays, somehow missed all the decorations!) Hope you had a great trip! How was your hotel? (I know you had done a blog post before mentioning where you were possibly booking a stay.)

  6. Thanks for posting your fun trip to The City, Maria. We won't be going there this year, so it's nice to live vicariously through you through your photos. So glad you go to ABC. I was very curious about it after your poster mentioned it. I'm putting it on my list for when we're there next.

    Oh, and these days all my towels are white. However, I'm getting a little tired of bleaching them. Someone isn't getting their hands clean and it's showing up on our handtowels. I am looking at some towels with a pop of color for our guest bath. We just put up a large framed seafan on the wall in that bath and with all the white and pale blue walls, I feel the bath needs more pops of red to go with the seafan. Maybe these:


    or these?


  7. For Laura, your first poster, enjoy the Radio City Rockette show. My daughter was a Rockette for several years and I haven't seen the show since she's not in it any longer. She still has friends in the show so we hope to go next year when the grandkids are a little older.

  8. From now on I will keep an eye on the towel section.

    As always "thank you" for sharing your world and insight. I truely enjoy your blog and look forward to reading each post.

  9. Donna @ dh designs

    What great pictures. I am just dying to get back to New York – such a vibrant city and far too much to see. I love the beautiful blue velvet sofa!

    Towels huh — who da thunk it? I'll be keeping an eye on them now.

    Thanks for sharing Maria!

  10. Burnt orange and warm gray — those are the towels. Although I have been hankering for PLUM, but then would have to change my entire color palette. Maybe need to anyway. I have long suspected that towels are the key to color trends.

    My artist friends and I used to have a running joke. We said "if you can't make it good, make it big!" This does not apply to macrame! Yikes, a two story tall macrame. Sounds like a nightmare from the 70's. LOL

    Thanks for sharing, Maria. I am envious of the New York trip. It's been way too long.

  11. Your pictures brought back so many great memories. I've spent so many Christmas's at Rockefeller Center. It's such a great place to be this time of year.

    Oh, and my towels are Cinnamon Spice and Brown. I'm in!

    Thanks for the beautiful pics!

  12. This is a dream post…just how I always thought a blog post should look! You nailed it…many thanks for the GREAT photos…felt like I was there myself!

    PS. Thanks for the add on the Blog Roll…woo hoo!

  13. OMG, the picture of you on the Chesterfield sofa is adorable! I really must insist you write something about how to put outfits like that together. Ya know? In case this whole color designer thing doesn’t pan out? (kidding!). Color theory applies to clothing too, though, doesn’t it? In the way I wouldn’t expect some colors or patterns to work in the same room, yet somehow they do, I’m staring at that picture and I still don’t know why it works! But it does…beautifully:)

    Wait…I’ve got it…the secret’s not the clothes, right? It’s the girl WEARING the clothes!