We’re Moving to the Country!

My mom and my sister Elizabeth (who already live in Yarrow, one hour and 10 minutes East of Vancouver) went to see the house first. They reported that it was great and we should go look at it.

‘What colour is it’, I asked my sister.

‘It’s pinky beige’, she replied.

Photo by Maria Killam

The actual colour is BM OC-16 Cedar Keys. It’s vinyl siding. Sigh. Oh well, at least it’s not screaming pink. The above photo is mine, this is the how it really looks.

It recently dawned on me that with this blog, I can live anywhere. My first dream would have been that my ebook would suddenly have brought in enough money every month to buy a house in Vancouver. Well you already know that didn’t happen, haha.

So then I thought, if I have to move outside of the city to buy a place, and I can live anywhere because of this blog, why not live in the same neighbourhood as my sister and my mom? My other 2 sisters, Anita and Lea live in the valley as well, where I grew up. We don’t have children so being close to my nephews is really important to me.

The Vedder River (one block away from our house) source

When I read this post about how much more money you have to make in order for your level of happiness to increase when you move AWAY from your friends and family, it has always stuck with me. I wish I had known about that before I moved to Toronto for a relationship in 2002. Being away from my family was terrible for me, I was very unhappy there. Happiness comes from the quality of your personal relationships, period.

At the time I decided to move to Toronto I had started my decorating business here in Vancouver and was not making enough money to support myself so I had to get a job working in a furniture store to supplement my consultations. Retail did not thrill and inspire me and my sales reflected that. I had this little fantasy about moving that it would suddenly change my circumstances (which it didn’t), that’s when I learned the hard lesson called, ‘everywhere you go, there you are’.

It was only when I came back to Vancouver and got a job as a colour consultant working out of a paint store that suddenly I became the star of booking consultations from just talking to people looking for colour help. Some of us need to find our passion before we can really shine!

Click here to see what the inside is like – oak cabinets, they are sooooo going to be painted ASAP until we renovate the kitchen next summer.

I want to thank every single person reading this blog for just being here number one! For your emails encouraging me to keep writing and be myself.  To everyone who supported me by purchasing my ebook, hiring me for consultations or to decorate your house.  It’s because of you that I get to own my very own house for the first time in my life!  My sister and I both cried on Friday when we closed, she says she feels like she’s won the lottery because I’ll be living 2 minutes away from her. Thank you so much!

Gotta run, my Spring True Colour Expert Workshop starts in 2 days, there’s lots to do!

xoxo Maria

ps. We take possession mid April and then we will replace most of the flooring, paint and renovate the out-building in the backyard and turn it into my office. We’ll move in May. Those of you who might be worried I won’t post the bad, before and on-going photos – I certainly will – the countertops are pink, eeeeeek!

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  1. I am very happy and excited for you! Congratulations. It will be fun to decorate your new home. It is yours, so you can make any changes you want….such as digging upmthe concrete! How exciting that you not only have a “mountain” in your back yard but you have a beautiful stream nearby and your sister withn 2 minutes! Yea! Enjoy!