The Best Colour for Vinyl Siding

It’s White. Amen.

Well, did you think I would say anything else? Seriously? What other colour would you never get bored of?

Gentek Vinyl Siding

White siding, a black roof and black casings or shutters. Period. End of conversation. This is not difficult.


Okay maybe a barely there warm green/gray like this one.

Anything else and a future homeowner will most likely be as cranky as me when they drive up to look at your house and see that it’s pink beige (like mine is).

The list of updates that I have for my home right now certainly does not include replacing perfectly good vinyl siding just because it’s a colour I don’t like. Replacing it would definitely be over-renovating if I’m re-modeling to sell.

So save yourself some stress and just go with the most obvious choice.

So I’m doing a poll now, if you have vinyl siding that you inherited, what colour is it and do you like it?

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  1. We live in New England and we just started looking at vinyl siding because our painted clapboards are forever peeling. They were stained at one time and not properly prepared for paint. Vinyl is very popular here. Out home is painted Windam Cream which is a pale yellow. I like the yellow because it does look good in every season. Should we also take into consideration the houses around us? We have a blue/gray house on one side and an orange/brown stained house on the other side. I like the yellow,but my dear husband likes grey. Grey can be depressing to me. Any advice?

    • Hi Lori,
      They have vinyl in light grey-green colours which I would not consider depressing. I would stay far, far away from a dark gray anyway, it will be dated as soon as the gray trend ends. Just like you’re not looking for brown vinyl siding because that trend is over. Maria

  2. Years ago, I had the agonizing task of choosing siding for our large 4×4 home. I chose “greige”. I’m so proud of myself! Sadly, I chose vanilla colored trim!!! What was I thinking, or not??? I’m painting the shutters black this year, and the doors red. Sadly, though, there are pinkish brick steps (3) going up to the front porch. I’m thinking, ala Krisie, the Decorologist, of faux painting them like the recent fireplace pic she posted. We’re also replacing our roof (tone on tone BLACK) next week, so I’m inspired to finally make everything right! Any thoughts?

  3. Ok, then if I can ask a second question. If we go with the grey/green then what color shutters and front door? Thanks.

  4. Hi, we purchased our first home in August 2012. While I love my home, I HATE the colors of it. It is aluminum siding, I believe, that has been painted before. Its painted a grey that is so light, you can barely see the difference of the trim that is white. The shutters are forest green, again, yuck! The roof is a grey shingle. I am looking to paint this summer and would like some suggestions. My first choice was a light brown/tan siding with the shutters painted almost a terra cotta. But I don’t think it is going to look good with the grey shingles. I’m not opposed to painting just the shutters and maybe the front door as the siding would have to be hired out because it is three story’s high as we have a walk out basement and the house is cape cod style. No dormers on the front as of yet, we will be adding those in the near future. Any suggestions on colors that work well with the grey shingles?

  5. Anyone have advice on vinyl colors for a new saltbox style colonial house with black roof and no shutters (will not have shutters because windows are so close together). Windows, trim and columns are white.

    Was thinking dark gray but see this might date itself one day!?


  6. I own a split-level brick ranch (main level on right, upper/lower on left) where only the upper level is sided in aluminum. We are badly in need of repainting. Currently white siding on upper level, rest of house is red brick, with black shutters throughout. Is white/black still the best choice when brick is the main feature? I’m thinking the contrast between white and brick means the answer is yes, but was wondering what alternate scheme might work.

    • White would only work if you had white in the red brick. . . otherwise it would be too stark. I would need to see your house to give you accurate advice on what an alternate scheme would look like. Maria

  7. Lol I realize your point is traditional rarely is as detestable as an outdated or wrong color but I have been in HATE with the color of our tiny 1100 aware foot home’s siding since we saw it. It is white with white trim. It originally had a light gray roof. In a desperate attempt to spruce it up we changed the roof color to dark green when hail damage allowed us to reroof due to insurance coverage. It helped me tolerate the white siding that I assumed we would be stuck with forever but now that we actually are looking at residing I have no idea how to make the dark green shingles work with anything but white. 🙁 We have a couple years to figure it out but no money in the budget to change the roof to the light greenish grey metal I’d prefer to go along with a slightly darker greenish grey siding with cream trim I love the warm and soothing look. …that I may never have. (I very well may be describing the colors wrong but I have a picture and it’s so pretty.) Oh well, if that’s the worst experience I have in life I have been blessed! 🙂

  8. Isn’t the reason vinyl siding became so popular is that you wouldn’t have to paint. Our last house had a fiber board siding that started peeling in less than 5 years. I love the low maintenance of vinyl siding.

  9. 39 years ago I had my house sided with 8 inch textured white vinyl siding. Although the siding has held up well it has started to warp in the heat. I am planning on new siding and an improved look on my split level home. I had my roof shingled in a slate blue a few years ago. Now I want new siding and slate blue shingles. I have pondered and gone through different color options for about a week now. Many homes in my area have tan or beige siding. I have thought of that option, however I keep going back to white. My neighbor has fairly new light tan Dutchlap vinyl siding, and in the snow, it looks dirty. I look at my house and I can’t really see it any other color than white. Besides, I really don’t want to go with a color fad. I think white is classic. I will probably stick with my choice of 4 inch white clapboard vinyl instead of the 8 inch that I have now. I love the idea of a red door. I will have to think about that.