OMG I’m on the Cover of the Colour Issue!

Okay it doesn’t come as a complete surprise, my fabulous photographer Tracey Ayton emailed me a few weeks ago and said to keep it hush, hush.

I was still holding my breath though, until I saw it myself until one of my True Colour Experts™, Sarah Hepburn-Smith posted a picture on our private Facebook page this weekend! She was one of the first to receive her subscription in the mail!

OMG I'm on the Cover of the Colour Issue!


I have loved this magazine for as long as I’ve been reading it and I am honoured and so grateful to not only have my home grace it’s pages but to make the cover!

Thanks so much to everyone at Style at Home, I am totally thrilled!!

I’ll post all the before’s and after’s when I get my issue which should arrive any day now! Finally, you’ll see my kitchen photographed properly, Tracey did a beautiful job and it was her styling eye that spotted my milk glass collection which we ended up displaying on the island! Can’t wait to show you!

Pirkko & Maria

Terreeia and I had a lovely dinner on Saturday night with Pirkko who is one of my Mom’s dearest and oldest friends! They met when my Mom and Dad first moved to Victoria when I was around two years old! Pirkko has become a dear friend of mine too over the years that we’ve known her family and it was so great to catch up!

Time to celebrate now. . . gotta run!

PS. I’m thinking it was worth it in the end, to choose drapery over Italy last fall, haha.

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  1. Congratulations! Your daily readers knew you were destined for the spotlight years ago! Good things are happening for you Maria, so pleased for you and your family. xo

  2. I only discovered this blog a few months ago and really enjoy it.

    Congratulations on not only getting published in the magazine, but also making the cover! What an honor.

    • I’ll SECOND that!!!
      You are a STAR, Maria!
      Happy to know you 🙂
      Blessings (are here!),
      xo, Paula

  3. Congratulations Maria! this is a well deserved accomplishment. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I feel honoured to have you as one of my favorite mentors

  4. Congratulations Maria. I have had a subscription to Style at Home for the past few years after buying every issue for many years! I was pondering a while ago why you hadn’t made the cover with your home (when you lived in Vancouver) and certainly WHY they didn’t use you more in the whole discussion of colour and choices, etc. Well you have made it and hopefully with all the positive responses I am sure the magazine will receive they will be knocking on your door regularly!

  5. Good for you Maria, I cant wait to see the before and after shots from the magazine….It is quite an accomplishment to get into a home décor mag let alone the cover. Where are those drapes??? Post them now….LOL

  6. Maria, that is fabulous news! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations. Your home is gorgeous and it should be on the cover. What a great accomplishment. Looking forward to seeing it.

  7. congrats!!!! Can’t wait to see it all. You DESERVE it, really., especially after giving up Italy. (But hopefully, you’ll go another time.)

  8. Great job Maria! Can’t wait to see your kitchen photos…..and pick up the magazine to drool over the cover ! Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations! I’m not a decorator but I am a loyal follower. I look forward to your post everyday.
    And someday hope to do a consult with you.
    But where to begin is the problem.
    I’m checking Barnes and Noble first thing tomorrow. So happy for you.

  10. Ran to my gathering stack of decor mags I hadn’t got around to yet and voila – there you are! Congrats. I used to ‘scout’ (free-lance) and write for some of the big Canadian decor mags and was ‘over the moon’ when they made the cover. So exciting. Can’t wait for you to post the pics, so I can ‘pin’ them. I see you’re coming close to home in May, and am going to check that out, in case I can make it and finally get to meet you. Again, congratulations and I hope you celebrated well…