My White Shasta Daisies have Exploded! Before & After

Thank you everyone for your condolences the other day. I didn’t know how comforting your words would be until you wrote them! I so appreciate you!!

White Umbrella

When MaryAnne White designed my major landscaping project last year (long distance from New York), I trusted her to specify almost everything. One of my requests was for Shasta Daisies because I just think they’re so happy!

I planted them in front of my design studio and in front of the house.

Some of you who have followed my blog from the beginning (I love you!) might remember that until I had my header designed, it was rotating pictures of daisies.

I was so amazed that they are 3-4 times bigger than they were last year. And just for fun, here’s a couple before photos again.

Design Studio Before


This is what my design studio looked like April 15, 2012 when we took possession of this house.

Before concrete removal

Here’s how it looked six weeks later after the renovation and before we removed the concrete the following Spring.

Studio After

And here is what it looks like today (above)!

Studio First Year

Here’s what it looked like last year. My daisies were just planted. See my evergreen clematis on the trellis (above)?

Another View Studio

Well, after it climbed right up the trellis it obviously had no place to go.


So just two weeks ago, I had my handyman install white plastic trellis along the soffits so it could climb along the front of the studio. If you look closely, you can see that he screwed it in using plastic tubes as spacers so the ivy can twist around it.

After he finished, I patiently untwisted all the vines that had started twisting around themselves and stuck them on the trellis.

I can’t wait until it grows all the way along and I love that it’s an evergreen!

Shasta Daisies

Here’s a close up of my daisies and you can see the rest of the trellis as well.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! xo Maria

PS. I’m going to Blogher this week in San Jose, who else will be there?

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  1. I love the first impression/outdoor space and wish I could have an evergreen clematis- too bad it is minimum zone 6…I live in zone 3 in the planting world.