Pure Painters Paint Better Doors


In my new house I’ll be replacing the casings and baseboards but leaving the doors. They have curvy tops but that’s not a deal breaker. And, once they are painted, they will not be noticeable to anyone but me. Replacing them would fall into the realm of over-renovating, if you are doing updates, you need to be smart about where you spend your money. The best reason for hiring a designer to walk through your plans. This way, you’re spending money where it counts.


And don’t forget this is not my dream house yet (this would be more like it–above) although it is dreamy for me to finally own my house.

Dillon Brayton is the owner of Pure Painters in Vancouver. I have known him for awhile but this is the first time I have seen him in action on the job-site.

Because the doors currently have a heavy orange peel texture (New jargon alert: texture-made-from-a- roller) Dillon used a high build primer from Cloverdale Paint called Alkyd Stain Blocking Speed Primer. He said he was very impressed with it as he typically uses a more expensive product.

To get rid of the orange peel, first it gets sprayed (note that it must be sprayed) and then it will be sanded next.  Here’s Dillon, spraying on the smoothness (below).

“I’m obsessed with smoothness, everything has to look like glass or it pisses me off.” Dillon Brayton.

The best part about painting a house where the floors are coming out is that you don’t need drop cloths! Maybe I should just paint my carpets white – just kidding! Dillon said if he had an ‘orange peel’ texture on the closets in his house, it would drive him nuts. Isn’t it interesting what you notice when it’s your profession.

It happens all the time a designer comes over to your house and they point out the good, bad and the ugly that needs to be done and suddenly something that you did not even notice (like undertones) starts to bug you.


I’m getting a serious paint education here, the sun is shining into my house and I have not had that experience in two years, I’m loving it!

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  1. Hahaha…I LOVE the quote by Dillon!

    I have similar white doors with curvy tops but mine have an oak veneer, which bother me, and would love some smoothness myself. I prefer the door in the first picture as well but as you said, replacing them would be over decorating. What I did instead, this past weekend actually, is replace the brass door knobs with satin nickel levers and now the oak veneer doesn’t bother me as much because I’m too busy admiring the new levers. We’ll see how long the honeymoon lasts. 🙂

  2. Hey! It’s Fidele! The dog in your photo is from Brugge! I saw him last summer. He makes me smile. Just like sunshine in your new home! Congrats and lots of happiness to you in your new home.

  3. A bossy painter…..who would have thought?

    When I renovated my home (a two year process not including the design time) all switched all my interior doors to clean maple veneer, 7′-6″ tall with a minimal casing. Baseboards are 5-1/4″. A wonderful complement to my contemporary home in a very colonial Washington DC! Doors, casings and moldings make a huge difference if you are into details. And none are “Cloud White”! 😉

  4. Maria, you are one of the first blogs I started following – love it! I have a question. We are planning a modest renovation of our terrace (aka basement) level). I have white doors and moldings and have loved the look of different colored doors I have seen. For example, leaving all the moldings and frames a neutral color and painting the doors a deep taupe or charcoal. What do you think of this kind of treatment/contrast?

    • It so depends on the space I just don’t think there’s a straightforward answer to this question. Mostly they should relate to something in the space but sometimes that’s not necessary.
      thanks for your comment.

  5. You must be loving him and his perfection. Love a professional who’s passionate about his craft. Does he travel? Haha. I’m really looking forward to you sharing this whole process. Happy sunshine!! X

  6. Two years without Sunshine! Yikes I think I would die. If nothing else Maria having the sun come in will make you Happy. It’s the most welcome visitor to my house….so glad you can enjoy this simple pleasure too.

  7. I’ve never heard “orange peel” before but I’m surrounded by it. We have a 3 yr old pre-fab home – loved the building experience but they sprayed primer in all the rooms. There are peel areas everywhere! I had two rooms wallpapered and the woman told me it was impossible to match up the lines because of the orange peel effect. Have you or your painter ever seen that w/paper? I’m not due to paint anything too soon (hoping you might be passing thru Chicago) but I’ll definately be keeping this post on file. Thanks Maria.

  8. We had orange peel walls in our remodel….it’s not very fun stuff. I agree with the above; it’s right there with popcorn ceilings. We had our drywall guy come and do a skip trowel over the top, and it looks fantastic! Basically, you get more of a plaster feeling, but the orange peel shows through in spots. The drywall sub loved it and said it looks like an expensive treatment where they stir sand into the finish. So excited to see all your progress!

  9. I’m glad you promo’d your painter. I am going to need one for our project and so I’m going to contact him. Thanks for that! I need someone who really knows how to spray. Our house will have lots and lots of panelling detail and moulding so the finish on that will be critical. Keep going on your house. I know it will be fantastic.

  10. I love Dillons quote- classic!! But when you are a “special” breed of person, stuff like that does piss one off. You know what I am talking about?? We creative people all have our little thing-Ok sometimes not so little!! I guess it’s our lot in life. I suppose it’s a small price to pay for being creative and being slightly type A!! Congrats on the house-you are so lucky to have had such a quick closing-that way you can get in there and get things done. Look forward to more pics!

  11. I agree about smooth walls and ceilings. We had our popcorn ceilings removed and the walls redone to make them smooth during our renovation and we LOVE the way it looks now. I just sit and look at that new ceiling and feel CALM and RELAXED. I hated the old look! Great post!

  12. How great it is that you mastered the art of undertone discernment! Most of us would have been still sitting in a new empty house with 47 paint choices & scratching our heads. Bravo for Dillon the perfectionist also! The painter I had interviewed for that job I told you about was one of those kind too—believed in lots of prep. He suggested that we could have painted the non-descript trim work in a semi gloss of the same color, because there was so much else going on in that house. ‘Twould have been elegant…..
    Maria, I sent in my passport (expedited) app yesterday!!! 1st step to Toronto!!! YAY! So save me a seat :~). Can’t wait.

  13. Like someone else who has asked, does Dillon travel? I have fourteen spaces to paint! Fortunately I don’t have any orange peel to contend with however I do have popcorn (stucco) ceilings, which I am planning to keep since they go with the character of the house …. and it just so happens I like them. 🙂

    So happy that things are moving along so quiclkly for you. Your home is going to be l-o-v-i-L-E-E.