Trim & Accent

Exterior Colour Consultation


The entire look of your home can be updated and refreshed with the right trim and accent colours.

The right trim colours and accents are the finishing touches that give your home its polished look. As well, these elements can be the easiest to change with colour and can go a long way towards updating the look and feel of your house.



A few common exterior design questions:
  • Should my window frames be different from my casings or should they be the same?
  • How many trim colours can I have?
  • Can my railings colour be the same as my porch columns?

You may currently have a brick house and by simply painting the trim get a newly refreshed look. Or you may have installed new windows and now your trim and casings look wrong.

Accent colours can be for any of the following – your window and door casings, fascia boards, gutters and downspouts – every last detail that isn’t part of the major elements on a house.

Once you purchase this Exterior Colour Solution you’ll receive a prompt email with a fill-in-the blank form so you can describe your question and give us the relevant information I need. This email will also give you instructions on how to send me photos, so I can get a good sense of the area in question as well as least one photo of your entire home. Take the photos and complete the form and send it to us.

Your Colour Solution will arrive within 5-7 business days.

Note: Exterior Colour Solution is a residential service. Please contact us for a quote for commercial property inquiries.