Exterior Colour Consultation


Stone is one of the bossiest fixed elements on a house.

Choosing the best stone for your house or correctly diagnosing the colours in your current stone is critical. I can help you really see what’s going on in any stone you may be considering or already have and use that knowledge to move forward in your plans for your exterior.



Whether you’re selecting stone for your home or looking to coordinate the rest of your home with the stone that’s already there, it’s important to accurately diagnose all the neutral undertones and colours in the stone in order to know what colours are appropriate for the rest of the house.

  • Which stone is right for my house?
  • Does stone work for the style of my house?
  • How do I decide exactly where my stone will be placed, I’m not sure if I like the current layout?
  • How do I combine stone and brick in a classic way?
  • Can you help me choose the right stone colours?

We can choose the exact manufactured stone colour for you, however natural stone (like granite slabs) vary greatly in terms of colour and pattern, and what is available in your area. We will make a recommendation based on what is available and it is critical that you get a decent sized sample of the actual stone under consideration.

Ideally, you will have a physical sample of the stone you are considering and photograph it outdoors in daylight against a white backdrop. More than one stone option is always better. This will greatly expedite the consultation.

If we are choosing a stone based on a supplier’s website, it is a preliminary suggestion and rests on a follow up test of the physical sample.

This is a colour recommendation only, it is up to you and your contractor to narrow down the product type that you need prior to this consultation. We will weigh in on the choice of shape if we think it is less than ideal for the style of your house.

It’s also helpful if you have photos of a house you really like. And if you haven’t found one, don’t worry, you are not alone (it’s rare that I drive by a house with stone, or a house that has a combination of stone and brick that I actually like).

The vast majority of stone on the market dictates a very earthy colour palette, not fresh and classic. It’s what makes this solution so important because if you get this piece wrong, you will be disappointed with your house no matter what you do with the rest of it.

Your Colour Solution will arrive within 5-7 business days.

Note: Exterior Colour Solution is a residential service. Please contact us for a quote for commercial property inquiries.