Save Me From Myself

Interior Colour Consultation Package


Here it is! You asked for it and we listened.

You’ve got a plan, you’re excited but nervous and hesitant to take the plunge. You just want some validation that you’re on the right track. That your undertones don’t clash and that it will turn out as beautifully as you’ve envisioned.

This package offers a paint colour or two plus advice and validation for your decorating plan. (Please note, it is not for hard finishes for kitchens or bathrooms, we have packages specific to those).



What kind of advice can you get?

We can give you feedback on your plan and give you the right colours or tweaks to make it fabulous. We can tell you what will and won’t work and why.

We can answer a few straight forward questions like what colour or style a piece of furniture or window coverings or area rug should be. Or more general ones, like what’s bugging me or what’s missing as it is sometimes the case that you’re just not sure what your room needs.

We can tweak your accent colours and give you styling ideas.

For Example

You’re working on making your room fresher and more current. You really like greens and blues, but you’re not sure they will work with your taupe sofa. You need a new area rug, you’ve picked one out, but you’re not sure it’s right, and you’re wondering if you should recover or replace your occasional chair. Plus you’d like the perfect new paint colour.


Let’s say you need to know how your fireplace mantel should look to coordinate with your kitchen and what your accent colours should be. You are considering installing some pendant lights you found for over your kitchen island, but you want to know if they are right. Of course, you need the perfect paint colour to pull it all together.


You’ve just installed an engineered wood floor and it looks really gray. You are worried about whether your warmer wood toned furniture is going to work with it. You want to incorporate your antique rug, but now you’re not sure it will go and how to tie it in. And what colour should the curtains be? The paint colour?


Your brand new sofa looks purple next to your stone fireplace now that you have it in your room, yikes! You thought it was a neutral gray. Should you return it? Can you work with it? What colour should you paint the walls? How about a coffee table? Will the one you have your eye on look good? Will a paint colour fix it?

As soon as you’ve purchased your consultation, you will receive a form to fill out as well as an information sheet on how we need photos taken so we can accurately give you the right advice.

Your Colour Advice will arrive within 5-7 business days.

One final note:

Let’s say you buy this consultation thinking that it’s the only thing you need to transform your space into an after picture. In many cases, that could be true…but sometimes, the result you’re after will require that you purchase an additional consultation. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know before we do anything, and we’ll give you the option to either purchase the additional consultation, or receive a complete refund of the consult you’ve already purchased.

When you get colour advice from the Maria Killam team, we are not guessing. We will not be asking you questions like “What do you think?” Unless you really do have two choices where both will work equally as well and still give you the classic and timeless look you want for your home. What we are doing is using our experience and expertise to find you the perfect colour solution that will work in your specific design situation.

This Interior Colour Consultation is a residential service. Please contact us for a quote for commercial property inquiries.