Save Me From Myself

Interior Colour Consultation


Here it is! You asked for it and we listened.

You’ve got a plan, you’re excited but nervous and hesitant to take the plunge. You just want some validation that you’re on the right track. That your undertones don’t clash and that it will turn out as beautifully as you’ve envisioned.

This package offers a paint colour or two plus advice and validation for your decorating plan. (Please note, it is not for hard finishes for kitchens or bathrooms, we have packages specific to those).



You’re in the process of decorating your room, you’ve come up with some ideas and made some decisions, but you’re unsure that it will all come together as planned.

Before you go ahead and purchase everything, let us help you make sure you are headed in the right direction and give you some advice and colour tweaks to make sure it’s fabulous. We can tell you what will and won’t work and why.

We can answer a few straight forward questions like what colour or style a piece of furniture should be. What your window coverings or area rug should look like. Or more general ones, like what’s not working in the room, or what’s missing as it is sometimes the case that you’re just not sure what your room needs.

If you need to get started with your decorating plan, and you don’t have any direction yet, you need the Get Me Started package here.


For Example

You’re working on making your room fresher and more current. You really like greens and blues, but you’re not sure they will work with your taupe sofa. You need a new area rug, you’ve picked one out, but you’re not sure it’s right, and you’re wondering if you should recover or replace your occasional chair. Plus you’d like the perfect new paint colour.


Let’s say you need to know how your fireplace mantel should look to coordinate with your kitchen and what your accent colours should be. You are considering installing some pendant lights you found for over your kitchen island, but you want to know if they are right. And you need the perfect paint colour to pull it all together.


You’ve just installed an engineered wood floor and it looks very gray. You are worried about whether your warmer wood toned furniture is going to work with it. You want to incorporate your antique rug, but now you’re not sure it will go and how to tie it in. And what colour should the curtains be? The paint colour?


Your brand new sofa looks purple next to your stone fireplace now that you have it in your room, yikes! You thought it was a neutral gray. Should you return it? Can you work with it? What colour should you paint the walls? How about a coffee table? Will the one you have your eye on look good? Will a paint colour fix it?

As soon as you’ve purchased your consultation, you will receive a form to fill out as well as an information sheet on how we need photos taken so we can accurately give you the right advice.


Your Colour Advice will arrive within 5-7 business days.

One final note:

Let’s say you buy this consultation thinking that it’s the only thing you need to transform your space into an after picture. In many cases, that could be true…but sometimes, the result you’re after will require that you purchase an additional consultation. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know before we do anything, and we’ll give you the option to either purchase the additional consultation, or receive a complete refund of the consult you’ve already purchased.

When you get colour advice from the Maria Killam team, we are not guessing. We will not be asking you questions like “What do you think?” Unless you really do have two choices where both will work equally as well and still give you the classic and timeless look you want for your home. What we are doing is using our experience and expertise to find you the perfect colour solution that will work in your specific design situation.

This Interior Colour Consultation is a residential service. Please contact us for a quote for commercial property inquiries.



“My only regret with the “Save Me From Myself” package I ordered was that I hadn’t done it sooner! I had already wasted money, time and effort buying the wrong things for my living room, thinking with enough online research I could pull it together on my own. I knew something wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I stumbled upon Maria’s blog, read her E-books, and thought I’d take a chance with her online design services. Maria and Tricia came to the rescue! They immediately saw what the room needed, and put together a design solution that included the “why’s” and even sample products and sourcing. I immediately knew it was the right direction, and followed their advice. No more returns! When I received two new lamps that I thought were too large, I sent a photo and they assured me the scale would be perfect as soon as the other elements were added. They were right again. I also ordered an online consult to pick a paint color for an adjacent room. I knew something was wrong with the existing color, but wasn’t sure what direction to go. I was skeptical they could pick a new color from digital photos, but they amazed me again, giving me three options, along with the why’s. I’ve decided not to waste any more time or money on wrong decisions. My living room is far from being done, but I already love it, and will rely on these expert women to help me finish it out whenever I get stuck. They are amazing!”



“I love decorating–LOVE it–but…after buying my first home, and spending three years making decisions about paint and upholstery colors and rugs and where to put things, and doing EVERYTHING myself (I even learned how to upholster, just so I could reupholster all my own antique furniture), I got to a point where my brain just refused to make even one more decision.  And naturally that was at the point where the only things left were the HARD decisions that I hadn’t wanted to make ANYWAY.


Fortunately…as a loyal reader of Maria’s blog since its first year or so, I knew whose help I wanted, for color decisions…and when Maria wrote a post about her Save Me From Myself package, I knew that was the package for me!


The process was easy:  I read the description of the package several times, to make sure I understood what I was getting; I paid for the package via PayPal; I received an incredibly detailed questionnaire to fill out (this made me very happy, as my biggest concern was that, well, Maria’s decorating style is not even remotely like mine, and the colors she likes aren’t the colors that I like, so I wanted to make sure it was VERY clear what I was looking for; I filled it out in probably greater detail than was needed.  I ordered the package just before the holidays–and although I filled out the questionnaire immediately, it took me a few weeks to get around to taking the required photos of my space, and culling the required Pinterest inspiration photos…and during that time, I got a friendly check-in, from Tricia, to make sure that I had received my questionnaire and that everything was ok.  🙂


When I finally had the time to take pictures of my space, I emailed everything back…and waited.


In less time than I expected, I got back a gorgeous PDF with all my recommendations and answered questions!  In fact…the PDF was so lovely, that not only did I send it to everyone I knew, but I kept it open, on my iPad, for several months, just so I could look at it, from time to time.  🙂 


Maria’s advice was easy to understand, well laid out with photos to illustrate each recommendation, and paint swatches, to show exact fabric colors.  She recommended a ceiling color for me (I had no idea what I wanted); suggested an area rug; picked the perfect curtain fabric and color from my list of final choices; suggested a fun way to make a random thing I liked fit in with my existing space; gave me two color and fabric suggestions from my final list of options for two chairs and confirmed what I was already thinking about my floor color.  In each case, she wrote out not only what her choice was, and why it worked, but why the other selections I was toying with wouldn’t work, which was very helpful!


When I emailed a couple of comments on her selections back to her–not expecting an answer back, mind you–she responded to my comments as if I was asking for more info, and GAVE ME MORE INFO!!!  (I felt that was above and beyond!!!)


As an added bonus, even though Maria and I are polar opposites in terms of style–her suggestions managed to take my theatrical, “more is more”, old-lady chic look and nudge it just a smidge towards more contemporary and polished.  Not enough for it not to be  “me” anymore–but just enough to add a layer of sophistication that my own style lacks.  🙂


Best of all…the pain of paying someone else to do something that “I can do perfectly well myself” was totally offset by the incredible relief of not having to spend another minute making decisions I was tired of making; by the feeling of confidence that yes, it was safe to go ahead and buy 60 yards of non-returnable dupioni silk for curtains–because I now knew why they would fit my room; by knowing the expense of having my floors refinished and stained would not be money I’d regret spending and that buying a large area rug online would not result in an awkward return, and…well, you get the idea.


If you’re looking at this package and thinking, “Should I do it?” the answer is a resounding YES.  Your only regret will be that you waited so long to do it.  🙂  Now excuse me, while I go look at that PDF again.  Did I mention how pretty it was??!!”





You have paid for our time so if for some reason you move or something changes before you can implement our recommendations there will be no refund. We want you to be happy, so if there is an issue other than personal preference we ask that you share photos of your colour testing and any objections or concerns you might have and give us the opportunity to tweak our selections before you reject them outright.

Please note, we will not provide a refund unless we have had the chance to make adjustments to our initial recommendations.

Refunds for UNUSED consultations processed after 60 days are subject to an administrative fee of 5% of the total purchase price.




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