Body Colour

Exterior Colour Consultation


If you’re building a house or renovating your exterior it’s critical to choose these elements in the right order to know what colour the siding should be.

The colour you choose for the body of your house, whether it’s stucco, fiber-cement (Hardie board) or vinyl siding, will be determined by all the other fixed elements on your home. . Or, if the body of your house is paintable, you need to know what else comes into play when you’re choosing a new colour.



A Few Common Exterior Design Questions :
  • I have horizontal siding and vertical shakes – should they be the same or should they be different?
  • I finally get to change my siding/stucco – where do I start?
  • I’m building a new house and my contractor needs a decision on the siding/stucco – can you help?
  • My siding/stucco colour takes up so much space on my house – can you help me get it right?

Believe it or not, even your neighbour’s house can have a say in what the colour of your house should be! If this feels like too big a decision for you, I can help. I know what needs to be considered and what may need to be changed in order to get you a colour that will make your house happy.

Once you purchase this Exterior Colour Solution you’ll receive a prompt email with a fill-in-the blank form so you can describe your question and give us the relevant information I need. This email will also give you instructions on how to send me photos, so I can get a good sense of the area in question as well as least one photo of your entire home. Take the photos and complete the form and send them to us.

Your Colour Solution will arrive within 5-7 business days.

Note: Exterior Colour Solution is a residential service. Please contact us for a quote for commercial property inquiries.