My Mom’s Front Door Transformation In Progress | Part 2


It took a village to transform my Mom’s front door. When I arrived with my car full of stuff, my nephews came outside to help me unload.

Here’s William with the lanterns.


Markus who resists smiling for the camera when asked, so I need to catch him in action!


I found these adorable striped hats at Lowe’s for the kids to wear just for this occasion.

Doesn’t Markus have the perfect grinchy face ; ) ; )



I picked up some turquoise and green ornaments from Lowe’s and hung the garlands around the door with 3M hooks.


My sister Lea is my new local design assistant. When I need binders and colour chips assembled for my courses, she’s the one. Or when I have a photo shoot or need help with a project, she’s just down the street where she lives with her partner Greg at the Eco Village.

Lea and I haven’t spent this much time together since we were thick as thieves growing up, it’s been fun to have her so close again.


angelredLowe’s has lots of fun, outdoor, Christmas decor.  My Mom loves angels so this is the one I chose.  Since red wasn’t part of our colour scheme, I got some turquoise wired ribbon  for the sash around her waist to replace the red one she came with (above).


Here’s a sneak peek of the assembled angel and decorative urn (above).


Lea’s partner Greg (Engineer by day) installed the new outdoor light fixture and door knob on Saturday. I bought a pre-lighted wreath. Not sure how to light it permanently and hide the cord at the same time but it seemed like a good idea at the time.



And here’s the new door knob (above). So much better than the old lever that regularly fell off ; ) ; )

My Mom arrived this afternoon and I picked her up with Lea! Elizabeth’s making her famous vegetarian chilli and she’ll have the sauna heated and ready when Mom arrives!

I forgot to pick up a door mat to finish this outdoor vignette so I’ll be making one more stop at Lowe’s on the way to the airport.

Next week I’ll post the after! This has been such a fun project, thanks so much to Lowe’s Canada! 

If you would like help creating a beautiful and classic exterior, we have e-design exterior consultation packages available here.

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  1. Gorgeous as always! Love those colors and they are in my dining room this year. Hallelujah! Now I need a white tree because the red one we used in there last year is going to look garish!

  2. Looks like a great job. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the before and after.
    I love the blue I decorated my white tree last Christmas with the same blue with silver, and white it looked great and I have that same blue in my house I love it.

  3. I love when you show pictures of your nephews. They are so cute & getting so big!
    I hope you captured a picture of your mom’s face when she sees your “surprise”.

  4. Maria, You are such a good daughter. I hope that you will capture your moms expression when she first sees her new styled front door. I look forward to the final reveal. The colors are so soft and beautiful. I am doing the same colors for a clients bedroom. She wanted the spa feel.

    Your nephews really are so cute and I know they must love being a part of the surprise.

  5. Beautiful colors and execution, as always. I love the new door hardware. Is it bronze or black? I always have trouble distinguishing the two in photos.

  6. Your little helper elves are adorable and would make any project more fun. I LOVE the green w/navy door…SO refreshing! I’m so excited to see the final look! Your work is always lovely.

  7. Cute! Curious though as to why you don’t paint out the white section on the door? It looks unfinished this way. Your mom is lucky to have a designer in the family!

  8. Great except there should not be any white on the door. If the white was painted green it would show up so nice against the white curtains. The white window is currently invisible. Many doors are currently sold as such and really just makes the door look more plastic with the white.

    • I disagree. Must be a USA thing to not like it. I think the contrasting white/cream looks lovely and emphasizes the mullions. That look is vey suitable for this style of house. I often find USA design very different from Canada and frankly often ugly.

  9. Marie, I love the turquoise and chartreuse color scheme you used for your mom’s spruced up door. We recently had our front door painted chocolate brown and I would love your comments on Christmas decor to enhance the entryway.