Maria’s Main Bathroom: Before & During

This is one of our dated bathrooms which will be renovated soon. It was so hard for me to get past just the colour in here.

See the chair rail? If you have it in your house and you don’t have wallpaper above it take it out!

Photos by Maria Killam

I didn’t touch this bathroom except to paint it and remove the medicine cabinet and hollywood light fixture as it will be gutted soon enough.

The all-in-one tub and shower surround is pink beige. A very odd choice since it relates to nothing in this bathroom. See how the floor is yellow beige beside the tub?

That’s what people do when they think beige is just beige. It’s certainly easy enough to cover with a white shower curtain in the meantime.

We lost the ends of the radiator caps during the renovation, I was hoping to find them once we were finished but they probably got accidentally thrown out.

Colour is Cloverdale CA184 or Behr 700E-3

It still needs art but I haven’t decided what to install yet.

I’m a big fan of white towels, white floor mats and white shower curtains but in this dated, windowless bathroom, I’ve decided it needs an accent colour to give it some life. So I’ll keep you updated when I find some new accessories. Plus my existing bath mats are too small anyway.

I’m thinking green or orange, what do you think?

Update: here’s my bathroom now


Still needs renovation but at least it’s styled!

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  1. I always like white towels and bath mats too, but would probably switch out the white shower curtain for a clear textured one — I like to be able to see out when I take a shower! Have to confess that we actually added chair rail to our powder room! We have 2 boys and it is just so much better to have paint on the bottom portion for clean-up! Right now the bottom is the main color (BM Brookside Moss, I think — it looked good with brushed nickel hardware) and the top is a light neutral (BM Linen White). I always planned though to wallpaper above the chair rail someday…

    • Oh, bless you for saying that!! I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who actually likes chair rails!

  2. The blue color is a huge improvement. I also had fixtures in different shades of beige that didn’t match each other. Finally found a wall color, Valspar Muslin Wrap, that keeps them from fighting with each other. Since I’m trying to sell this house, the bathrooms have to look neutral and zen-like. I also had a problem with my vanity, which had nasty beige melamine doors with silver trim. They were awful. But I like the double sinks and the cultured marble top is in pretty good shape. The doors just needed to go. I replaced them with MDF Shaker doors and painted them a linen white. What an amazing difference. In retrospect, I should have used solid wood doors that could be painted because MDF is subject to chipping. But I wasn’t sure if the whole door transplant was going to work so I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in it. I used the old hinges and it looks a zillion times better. If I were going to still live in this house, I would have upgraded the doors but kept the style and finish. It’s classic, sophisticated and goes well with the creamy and neutral tones in the bathroom.

  3. Hello,
    I already ripped out my bathtub and walls due to mold and mildew. I want a walk in shower with subway tiles but can’t decide what tile to use for the floor. The tile throughout my condo is dark brown, woodlike. I painted my bathroom Swiss coffee and has white quartz with tiny speckles. Please advice what option I have. Can I carry the same tile into the walk in shower?