Maria’s New Laundry Room: Before & After


Our new house has three bathrooms, one in the master, the main bath which you’ve seen and the powder room. The one thing I did not like about the layout when we first saw it was that you had to walk through the laundry room to get to the powder room, but that was before the happy transformation. And since my design studio is in the back yard, now we don’t have to schlep through the entire house to use the bathroom.

Note the seamless floors, that is such a beautiful thing, I just love it. the laundry room is attached to the kitchen. The entire house has these floors except the two other un-renovated bathrooms.


Here’s the before image. The previous owners negotiated in their washer and dryer which is why it’s missing in this shot.

If you’ve been browsing laundry rooms, you’ll notice that these two glass canisters are EVERYWHERE. Well you get them at Walmart. I still need to figure out what to put in the large one. The small one has powdered Oxy Clean.

You’ll notice the only real practical item on these shelves is the iron. It was the only thing that made the cut. But there is a little closet in this room as well which holds all the rest of the cleaning supplies, brooms, etc.

The washing machine did not quite cover the hoses so I hid them with the basket that I use for smalls when I pull them out of the dryer.

My flower is from IKEA. It’s totally fake but it works here in my laundry room and always looks good. Plus it relates to the raspberry powder room.

The powder room still has the old 80’s vanity and toilet in it. I changed the flooring and baseboards of course because you can see this room from the second you walk into the family room and definitely from the kitchen.

The upper shelves and brackets were made by Quality Cabinets, who installed my kitchen.

Another view, taken from inside the closet.

By the way the salesman tried to talk me into a silver washer and dryer, but they’re plastic silver, the other choices were a deep purple, deep charcoal and I think a candy apple red.

But as you know, I’m into white, it looks the best with happy colours and that’s what I already knew would be happening in this room.

I’m still amazed that I suddenly have a laundry room this pretty.

It’s funny, I’ve never even noticed the style or look of my sisters washer and dryer but after mine was done, I happened to walk into her laundry room–which is definitely not the focal point of the back of the house like mine is–and saw that her washer and dryer were completely different. Because that’s what we do right? One dies and you buy a new one and suddenly they don’t match.

That kind of plan would certainly not work with this kind of layout because I look at this room a million times a day as we walk in and out of the back door to go to the backyard and my studio.

I repeated the yellow (Cloverdale 7928) from the entry hallway here and as raspberry was my living room accent colour, it became the powder room colour (Cloverdale AC126 or Behr SG120 Strawberry Daiquiri). This is a great way to create flow. Whatever your accent colour is in your living room, repeat that here.

I had so little raspberry in that room in my last house though I actually haven’t introduced it again to this version of my living room. I’m kinda loving just the sunflower yellow and hits of kelly green.

Sooooo since I haven’t officially added a third colour I could still change the powder room colour. . . maybe to a coral shade. There are so many beautiful colours in the world, how can I commit to just one??

Here is the full view again. Isn’t it a thing of joy and beauty to behold? Sigh. I am very happy with it.

What colour are your appliances? Do you love them or hate them?

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  1. Your laundry room looks like a happy place to see and be in. After once having kitchen appliances in white, almond, and harvest gold I decided to stick with white appliances. Following the trends can really get you a messed up look, and at the time I could not afford to replace them all at once.

  2. That is so fresh looking. I hate laundry but I would probably enjoy it so much more if my laundry room looked like that. Inspiration!

  3. Looks great! Love the clothespins idea. You could also look for a marble or other stone remnant to make a countertop for the top of your washer/dryer. Some places will give you the remnant; you just pay for the edge cuts.

  4. My laundry space is exactly the same and this is what I plan to replicate. Thanks. Can you PLEASE tell me where you got those shelves?

  5. The yellow and raspberry are both gorgeous colors. I have similar shades in my house too. I like your shelves above the washer dryer. I am not an open shelf kind of person, but I think I may do this in our new house laundry so I have something nice to look at instead of cabinet doors in my face. I love our raspberry and the little girl beach print too. Everything works so well together

  6. Maria, can I suggest your empty canister needs seashells and starfish to go with your little girl at the beach art work? Loving that picture

  7. Hi I was just looking at your blog because I work for Rite Rug and part of my job duties are keeping up on decorating trends. I love the laundry room. What flooring did you use?

  8. Beautiful, functional, bright, and cheery! Just what we all need when we’re facing the task of laundry! Thanks for the advice on living room accent color being your powder room color. My laundry is semi-portioned within the kitchen and my powder room is connected like yours. It’s now covered in dark plaid wallpaper with a border halfway up the wall! That was a pick from my short-lived primitive country phase! I have one eensy weensy question. Perhaps you’ve already done it. How about replacing the plastic scoop that comes in the Oxy Clean with a clear plastic one? I like the clothespin idea too. Oh, do follow up with another picture, ok? I guess we secretly do all want to love our laundry rooms! 🙂

  9. I would put wooden clothes pins in the large jar. You may use them, you never know. In the mean time they can mock you every time you use the dryer. 🙂

  10. I have just finished my laundry in HogBristle paint. I would never have thought of the colours you have used. Mine looks lovely but yours looks spectacular! I love it!