What is the Best Kitchen Faucet? (Not Mine)

Oh wow, this morning, I went to make some coffee and the spout of my bridge kitchen faucet came right off.


Over putting PRETTY over FUNCTION.

Okay, well I’m not really over having a pretty faucet, but I wish I’d done more research (well even any research) into which faucet was really the best one BEFORE I installed the one I have in my kitchen.

I was never in a position to consider which faucet I should buy until we bought this house. Living in an expensive city like Vancouver, I rented and always dealt with cheap, bad faucets. Anything was an improvement over what I was used to using.

Anyway, back to my current faucet crisis, we have already had this faucet replaced almost one year ago after first having it installed with our new kitchen five years ago and now this happens? Argh! I want to scream!

When we had the plumber out to our house to install the replacement last year, he was here for three hours and then finally said “We don’t install faucets like this out here in the country”.

I talked my my kitchen guru designer Jan Romanuk  (follow her here on Instagram) and she says that over the years with all the kitchen installations she has supervised and products she has specified, she has found that people have all kinds of problems with bridge faucets, she says a single spout kitchen faucet is the way to go.

The problem with this is that I now have two holes in my quartz countertop and I’d rather not cover them with a deck plate. In addition, I have another hole where the spray spout was.  I also have a water purifier in the same brand which won’t match the new faucet so that has to be replaced as well.

Terreeia wants a professional kitchen faucet like this one (below).


Then I talked to Jan, who said she installed one in her daughters apartment because she loved the commercial look and feel of it. However, her daughter said she’d never do it again because you need a toothbrush to keep it clean.

Jan said she installed this touchless Brizo faucet in the last 3 homes she has renovated and everyone loves it (below).

It takes a little getting used to because every time you touch it, it turns on, but once you do, it’s fabulous apparently.

She says the one with the white base is currently trending. I prefer the chrome one if I were to choose a colour for my kitchen. I think the less pieces you have on such a high use item, the better. Fancy platings never seem to last long in my experience. I’ve used too many bad faucets in rentals over the years living in Vancouver.

Both Elizabeth and my Mom have this faucet (below). We chose this one for my Mom 6 years ago when my she moved into her brand new carriage house and then approximately a year later when Elizabeth’s faucet broke she bought this one as well to replace hers.

Elizabeth’s kitchen (follow her on Instagram here as @juicygreengirl)

And it’s a Moen. The bathroom faucets in my 80’s house are Moen, maybe I should consider this brand. Dated as my faucets are, they still WORK WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS.

Home Depot

Jan said something else to consider is that some people don’t like to see the faucet from the street so they don’t want it to be higher than the window (below).


I wonder how this person is enjoying their bridge faucet (above). It sure does look pretty in a more countrified kitchen like this one.

Delta Faucet

I found a post on ‘best kitchen faucets’ online and this is the one that made the cut (above).

I called Jan’s go-to plumbing fixture expert, Joan (the owner) of  Just Add Water in North Vancouver  to get her two cents on the world of kitchen faucets.

This is what she said:

She does not recommend a faucet where you have to pull the spray towards you (below) because there’s more of a chance of it getting on you and on the floor! She much prefers the pull down sprays on the other faucets we’ve talked about here.

She also prefers a nylon hose for the spray because it pulls back in smoothly and quietly, the metal hoses ratchets back and is not nearly as smooth.

When I asked Joan about the commercial faucet I mentioned at the beginning of this post she said that yes, cleaning them is a problem, but also if you let go of the hose before you put it back into it’s holder, it will fly around and spray everywhere.

In a commercial kitchen, the dishwasher is wearing a wet apron so it’s a totally different function.

This is Joan’s favourite faucet right now (below). Interesting that it’s a Moen (just like my 80s faucets which are still going strong), she said it’s a motion sensor faucet, you don’t even need to touch it with your greasy hands and it will turn on.

She said you turn off the front part of the motion sensor so that it doesn’t go on while walking by the faucet.

She also loves the fact that the pull is inside the handle and there’s no seam for the spray.

Unfortunately it’s too modern for my taste.


Jan says the faucet she inherited in her condo is a skinny, contemporary faucet.  She hates the look of it but even worse, the spray that’s attached to the faucet is not insulated so she can’t use it with hot water without burning her fingers.

When I asked Joan about this, she said that is why you want the spray piece to be plastic and not metal, because plastic doesn’t transfer heat.

Over to you my lovelies? Everyone has a faucet so this post leaves out no one! And we need to know, which is the best faucet, because mine has to be replaced ASAP.

I’m also looking at bathroom faucets right now because my bathroom renovations are happening this summer! I want a low arc, traditional faucet and they are EXPENSIVE. Stay tuned!

Terreeia and I just came back late Friday night from our three week trip where I led 3 awesome  SOLD OUT Specify Colour with Confidence workshops!

We will post the rest of the Fall dates very soon. Currently we only have Vancouver dates posted, you can register here.

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  1. No matter which faucet you decide to purchase, purchase it at a plumbing supply company. The Kohler and other brands sold at the home improvement stores will carry the brand name but the inner workings are plastic and
    other cheaper materials that make the quality suffer-and the durability. This is how the box stores sell the products at a lower price. I learned this after having many problems with faucet replacements from Home Depot and Lowes here in the states one bath tub faucet only lasted 6 months! I learned the hard way!

  2. Sorry to hear about your faucet. That is frustrating. I went back and forth on bridge faucet or pull down. After reading bad review after bad review on bridge faucets that were in my price range I went with Delta’s Essa pull down. I really love the function of it but I honestly think it’s a tad too modern for my kitchen. I think Delta’s Cassidy pull down would have been a better fit but at the time I didn’t want to spend the extra money. *sigh*

  3. Have had Moen and Deltas that lasted a few years and needed replacing. After recent Kitchen reno looked at many bridge faucets and decided size and cleanability would not be for us. Very happy ( 3 months) so far with our Brizo Artesso Articulating faucet 63225LF-PC. Scale is better than most bridges, but still has some of the plusses of flexibility and a magnetic dock. Love the look of it installed. Were tossed between that and the Grohe with the foot-touch-on…didn’t want to clean those coils.

  4. When people say “plumbing supply store” is that the same as say, Ferguson? Or is a plumbing supply store something else? Thanks.

  5. We have use Grohe and Hangrohe for years in our bathroom and kitchen and never had a problem. Our last remodel was about 18 years ago and they worked great when we sold that house. Last year we built our retirement home and used Grohe and Hangrohe for all the plumbing fixtures and Miele for all the appliances in the kitchen (except the exhaust over the stove was Italian) and laundry. Like someone else said – you can’t beat German engineering.
    Grohe does make a bridge faucet so you might see if it will fit your current holes in the counter.

  6. Well I feel the pain. Last year we got a new kitchen and with that a new faucet. About 6 months later why is there water under the sink in the cabinet? Called the plumber. He stated well you must be using the hose and it is not a Moen (“they have a better xxx that is NOT plastic”). Yes he was right but this is the first I heard of this. We did not use a GC so here we spent like what 300 plus install and then have to pay the plumber again plus a new faucet. We no longer had funds for issues like this (and it is a starter home) so a less costly single handle moen with pull out faucet it is. The overhang into the sink is more inches than I would like but oh well.

  7. If you don’t get a touchless or motion-sensing, I highly recommend having a foot pedal added in. You can contract someone to do it if the faucet you buy does not come with one. They are so great for messy cooking, cleaning, and kids who can’t reach the back of the counter.

  8. The thing you need to remember is every manufacturer has different price points for different quality. In our old house, we had Moen faucets in the kitchen and the bathroom. They were awful. Seriously they were extremely cheap, made with plastic parts, and the only reason they were purchased was because “Moen is good name.”

    When I started researching new faucets for our old bathroom, the one thing I learned is to pay attention to what it is made of. Solid brass with with ceramic fitting is the only way to go, even if it isn’t a name brand. Check the manufacturer’s reviews and the reviews of the faucet you are considering.

    My husband was amazed at how heavy the faucet was that I bought for our old bathroom, but it worked perfectly, much better than the plastic Moen one it replaced. When we bought our new house, I did a lot of research again. I bought a bridge faucet for our kitchen, but it is, once again, solid brass, has lifetime guarantee, and got great reviews–oh, and it’s not a Moen. Again, my husband was shocked by how heavy it was.

    I love how my bridge faucet looks in our kitchen, and it is definitely a workhorse. I only had one issue and that was with the sprayer. I contacted the company, and they sent me a whole new sprayer and the issue was resolved.

    Good luck with your faucet hunt!

  9. A few months ago we replaced our kitchen faucet twice in two weeks. My husband wanted the commercial style too, but I didn’t want to have to keep the spring clean. So we tried a Moen touchless pull down style with a motion sensor. It turned itself on when we wiped down the sink or put dirty dishes inside, and soaked our sleeves! We returned the Moen and bought a Delta with the touch sensor. You have to physically touch the faucet or handle to turn it on, so it does not have the annoying issue of spraying your forearms while you work. It is great to have the touch feature when your hands are messy from cooking. We love it. Bonus: it also has higher pressure than the Moen, so it rinses dishes more efficiently. This model might be too modern but they have other options that could be worth a look. Good luck!

  10. Kohler Vinnata faucet rocks! It’s very large but lovely and traditional looking, and has a pull-down sprayer. We put the single handle in the front because hubby is lefty, but I love it there! Easy to use, and no drips on counter when hands are wet.
    I’ve had a touch faucet before, and it became simply irritating. Also, when the batteries (which are a pain to change – under the counter) are low, it starts acting fussy. I finally pulled the batteries and used it like a regular faucet.
    Looks like you’ve touched a nerve with this question – good luck! 🙂

  11. When we renovated our kitchen 3 years ago, we chose the Brizo Vuelo faucet at the top of this post (the one that looks like a swan) with manual instead of touchless start. The touchless version was considerably more expensive and it didn’t feel like a necessary option for us. This compromise allowed us to get a great quality faucet. We still love it and it has held up brilliantly. The nylon hose retracts smoothly and quietly and a small magnet in the nozzle makes it clip easily back into place. I think having a downward pulling nozzle is good- I’ve never accidentally sprayed across the kitchen!

    Like many, we had budget limitations to our renovation. To deal with this, my husband and I prioritised a few things that were most important to us. For use, these were: a good stove, good lighting, a large , durable sink and a good faucet. The money I saved going with laminate counters instead of stone or quartz (with a rounded edge on all 4 sides so it looks great!) covered upgrades to a gas stove, LED lights, a huge Blanco sink and the Brizo faucet I mentioned earlier. I would have loved stone counters but in the end, it was important to us that the things that need to WORK every day in my kitchen really work well. And they really do! Three years later, I have no regrets.

  12. Hi Maria, your advice about white with black and brown with cream rings very true. But what about black with ivory or off-white? My house has enough shadows to make me nervous about going totally white, although I love the look of black and white. Can you achieve a similar look with ivory/off-white?

  13. Hi Maria
    When we remodeled our kitchen nearly 3 years ago I opted for the
    BLANCO Culina model#441331. It’s very high profile but I do have a big and deep sink. It’s a single handle model. You can switch to shower easily on the front of the spout and it can be pulled down. It stays at every night level you adjust it to because magnets keep it place. I notice that I mostly use it pulled down a little when I turn the water on full force. I love this faucet. Looks sleek and simple and is very practical and easy to keep clean