Merry Christmas + My Family Holiday House Tours


When I came home with a flocked tree this year, my sister Elizabeth decided she wanted one too. After all, she was hosting her husband’s office Christmas party again this year and a white tree would transform her decorations and make them look new again.

I’ve included a few photos from their Christmas tour in 2013 as well as this years flocked tree!

Also, I realized that I did not explain what a flocked tree was in my last post. It’s still a real tree, it’s just preserved when it’s sprayed in white. It’s not designed to last beyond the season though. But right now it still looks as good as when I first installed it the first weekend of December.

Here’s Elizabeth’s front door:

Christmas Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Photo by Tracey Ayton

Holiday Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Her Family room – Decorated by Maria Killam (Photo by Tracey Ayton)




Here’s Elizabeth’s white flocked tree this year. It looks so amazing when you drive up to their house, it literally sparkles from the window!

Holiday Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Here’s her tree from two years ago (above). I don’t really understand why I didn’t arrange all the decorative gifts underneath the tree when I decorated it, but there they are.

Holiday Tour of Elizabeth & Bill's Home

Photo by Tracey Ayton


All remaining photos by Maria Killam


We re-use them each year, in fact my nephews are the first to pull out the fake wrapped gifts. They love them!


Here’s a family photo of Elizabeth, Markus, William and Bill taken during the party (the kids are in their fake smile stage, haha).

My sister Lea’s front door wreath. Lea loves anything cute and whimsical.


Here’s her kitchen you saw this year in an earlier post:


Colours, finishes and styling by Maria Killam

Lea’s tree is red and purple, adorned with butterflies, fairies and all kinds of fun and playful ornaments:











Here’s Lea’s collection of gnomes. There are more of course, all over her house!


And here’s my Mom’s front door holiday decor courtesy of Lowe’s Canada this year! 


Here’s my Mom’s sitting area off her kitchen, see the rest of her house here.


My Mom’s Christmas decor inside is simply a decorated (by me of course) garland around her fireplace.


Photos by Maria Killam






Her television is installed on the wall across from the fireplace for optimal viewing. I found the frames at Pier 1, the mirrored one here and the coordinating turquoise one here. A tip on using frames as accessories, don’t buy matching ones, coordinate them instead.

We’re missing Anita’s Christmas tree but when I came up with this idea she was not available so I couldn’t stop by and take a photo.

Which is your favourite tree? Or do you prefer the quick and easy garland that my Mom has in her house?

Since this is my last post before Christmas, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for following me, reading my blog, and for all your support and love in 2015! I look forward to spending 2016 with all of you!

Merry Christmas!! xoxo

PS. For anyone looking for Specify Colour with Confidence™ dates, they’re  here.

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring! I’m also interested in the answer to D.G.’s question – what is the beautiful wall color in your mother’s living room?

  2. All the trees and your Mother’s mantle are beautiful Maria. I am afraid if it were me, I would have difficulty in taking any of it down … ☺. That said; hopefully you all had a joyous Christmas! Wishing you and your loved ones A HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR. Warmly -Brenda-