Exterior Trim: White is Nautical; Yellow is Heritage

Getting your white right on the exterior and interior of your house is critical. For a blue or red house, it’s the difference between your house looking nautical or heritage.

Red house with White Trim


Red with White Trim

Red with Yellow Trim


Red with Yellow Trim

Blue with White Trim

Blue with White Trim

Blue with Yellow Trim

Blue with yellow beige trim

That’s my tip of the day! Off to enjoy my weekend, have a great one! x Maria

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  1. How do you pick a white for trim (interior or exterior) for a ‘dirty’ color? Ex. Natural Cream Thank you.

    • If your walls are Natural Cream then you need a light trim colour like Chantilly Lace or Simply White. If that is your exterior colour then keep the trim white, white – Chantilly Lace. Maria

  2. Maria, you always make me think of color in a new way! thanx for the tip,didn’t even know I needed it and i sure did!

  3. This is great! It is like profiling colors: orange with black = Halloween, orange with pink = happy; red with green = Christmas, red with blue = nautical; etc.
    After looking at your home and a Pinterest search of orange + pink I think I am going to choose all pink and orange flowers for my garden this year (a bonus if they have yellow centers!)