Maria’s first book, How to Choose Paint Colours — It’s All in the Undertones eBook is formatted for PDF, iPad and Kindle Fire eReader. Her second book, White is Complicated — A Decorator’s Guide to Choosing the Right White is currently only formatted as a PDF.

We recommend purchasing the iPad version for an iPad. The PDF version can be viewed on any device.

Within moments of checking out of Maria’s Shopping Cart you will receive an Order Confirmation email from us. This email will contain the “clickable” link you need in order to begin the download process. If it doesn’t arrive? Check your spam or promotions folder? Or email us here.

We offer a free copy of both Maria’s eBooks when you register for Specify Colour with Confidence three-day academy.

If you buy the Sherwin Williams large colour samples you will receive White is Complicated: A Decorators Guide to Choosing the Right White, if you buy either set of Benjamin Moore Large Colour Samples you will receive How to Choose Paint Colours; It’s all in the Undertones for free.

However, if you already own a copy of one of her books you will not receive the value of the book as a discount on another product. You can still receive the free copy of the book and gift it to someone else, but you cannot deduct its price from your next purchase.

You can download the PDF version of the book onto either a Mac or a PC. There are several ways to download and save your PDF (depending on the age of your computer), but they all start the same way: “Click here to download.”

  1. If you have a Mac, click “Click here to download” — the download will automatically start and place the book in your Downloads File. Retrieve it from there.
  2. If you have a PC, left-click “Click here to download” and your computer will automatically download. It may place the PDF in your Downloads File. You can then move the PDF to wherever you want.
  3. If you left-click on the link and you can’t find where the download went (and you checked your Downloads File), type “how-to-choose-paint-colours” in a search bar. Most computers are smart enough to find it for you.
  4. If you right-click on the link, choose the option called “Save Target As” or “Save Link As.” This will let you tell your computer where you want to save the PDF.

Just to be clear, we’re not the gurus of the iPad world. But this is what we do know. You must have the FREE iBooks app from the Apple Store before you can download any book onto your iPad. If you don’t have the app already, make sure you download it before you try to download any books.

Your purchase of Maria’s first book, How to Choose Paint Colours — It’s All in the Undertones, will give you the option of downloading one of the iPad-friendly versions we offer: a PDF version OR an iPad version. You can download either onto your iPad and it will show up in your iBooks Library. Your library has a section for Books or PDFs under the heading “Collections.” If you want to see the Apple eBook, make sure “Books” has a checkmark beside it. If you want to see the PDF, make sure “PDFs” has a checkmark beside it.

Her second book, White is Complicated — A Decorator’s Guide to Choosing the Right White, is currently only available in a PDF version which can be downloaded onto your iPad in your iBooks Library (make sure you place a checkmark beside the “PDF” section).

When you click on iBooks the bookcase shows headings across the top left corner: “Store” or “Collections.” Click “Collections” and a pop-up window will show the options, “Books” and “PDFs.” One of these options will have a checkmark to indicate the format you are currently viewing. If you click “PDF” the image of a bookcase will flip around and all your PDFs will be located on the shelves. Conversely, when you want to view your eBooks  in a “Reader” format, click “Books” and the bookcase will turn again to show your Apple iBooks. Look in the iTunes folder under Books. Sync to reinstall.

There are a few reasons for an aborted download. Your computer could have a download limit which can be adjusted in your settings. You could have a slow internet connection that drops your download. If your computer goes to sleep during the download, it could interrupt the process. Keep working on your computer for the duration of the download to keep it awake.

If you have checked out of the shopping cart and have not received the Order Confirmation email containing the link to download the book, here are a couple of actions to try before you panic:

  1. Confirm the email address you used when filling out the payment form is the same as the one you are using to receive the link (your computer isn’t smart enough to distinguish that two different email address can belong to the same person).
  2. Confirm you spelled your email address correctly (you’d be surprised how many times this is the culprit).
  3. Check your spam or junk mail folder.

If none of the above work, please email us. We’ll take good care of you.

Email us at and we’ll send you the link again.

Look in your Downloads to see where it is stored. For Mac devices look in Downloads or the iTunes folder.

No, we don’t ship the eBook to you as the book is in digital form only. You’ll receive your eBook by email with a link allowing you to download to your device.

Free shipping applies to products you can hold in your hands, such as Maria’s colour boards. We ship our products to you at our cost.