Interior Colour Consultation


Does your Home Fill you with Happiness when you Walk in the Door?

Are you looking to create a look and feel?

Do you need help transitioning colour from one room to another?

Are you stopped from moving forward because you have too many questions about making sure all the elements in your house are the right colour?

Do you have too many neutral elements and need the confidence to introduce the right colours to make your space happy?

Do you have bossy fixed elements that you need to know how to work with to create a space you love?

Would you like to understand which finishes are right for your house and why they work or don't work?

How to mix the dated elements of your home with newer trendy finishes and furniture?

What colour everything, including walls, countertops, floors, furniture & tiles should be?

A personal consultation with me will answer these questions and much more.

Send an email here to get an outline of my rates on-line or in-person and how it works.

If you have ONLY ONE OR TWO BURNING QUESTIONS that are keeping you up at night because you are not sure you've made the right decision, take advantage of my Quick Colour Solutions right here.

If you make just one mistake, that is in many cases the cost of an entire consultation. 

Maria is truly color-savvy, with a "take no prisoners" approach to quickly addressing the needs and issues of a remodel. I hired her for a long-distance color consultation and her input greatly aided me in narrowing my selections of counters, floors, cabinets and paint colors, allowing me to create a home that is timeless, soothing and suitable for my lifestyle. Julie from Baltimore


Thanks again for all your help.  It was wonderful working with you.  You get that I can't change everything and have to work with what I have.  That's refreshing. Sharon from Connecticut 


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Just wanted to say that I've done two phone consults with Maria — one for paint colors for my entire house, and one for the design of my dining room. Totally worth it. I not only stopped fretting about whether the colors I'd chosen would be just a little bit wrong, I also learned to think about things I would *never* have considered on my own. Plus, talking with Maria is just plain fun.  :)  Deborah posted a comment here.

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