What Colour Should your Concrete Driveway be?

William & Markus

My sister Elizabeth with Markus & William

When we started getting quotes for a new concrete driveway, the contractors were quick to tell us we could ‘Choose a colour’.

I assured them we would not be selecting anything different than the natural colour of concrete.

Quick! Close your eyes and answer this question: What’s the undertone of a sidewalk?

What's the Undertone of a Sidewalk?
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That’s what most people say, but it actually has a green undertone.

If you don’t believe me, look out the window. Is anything the natural colour of concrete actually a battleship grey blue shade?


It’s green grey. See the sidewalk below? That’s what I’m talking about.

Purple concrete driveway

Photo by Maria Killam

See the purple driveway above? This is NOT a recommendation I would ever make for  your concrete driveway!

A concrete driveway in an actual colour would be an extreme exception in my opinion. I found one that works (below) but the question to ask yourself is, Do you want your driveway to scream “Look at me, look at me?”. With this extreme modern home, perhaps the orange driveway adds warmth to the otherwise very stark looking exterior?

Perhaps it breaks up an otherwise all grey driveway-connecting-to-the-house-look?

What do you think?

What Colour Should your concrete Driveway be?


Last week when our driveway was poured, I thought it would be fun if Markus and William came by to permanently mark our concrete!


I was with clients on the day it was poured so unfortunately I couldn’t be here for their Hollywood Walk of Fame day, haha.


The contractor asked me in passing where I wanted their handprints so he quickly removed them when he saw the first round.


I would have been perfectly okay with where they were in the first place! However, control freak that I am, it’s hard to predict what I’ll say, so they pressed their hands in twice!


So there you go. Basically for the most classic look, I would stick with the most neutral looking colour. Anything generally poured in concrete is the same colour everywhere so they end up as neutral as a pair of jeans.

What Colour should your Concrete Driveway be?

So here’s our driveway basically ready to be poured, the front and backyard has now been graded and topsoil added.

What Colour should your concrete Driveway be?

They poured the first half on Friday.

What Colour should your Concrete Driveway be?

And then came back on the following Monday to pour the second half. Over the unusually hot weekend the neighbours wondered why we weren’t watering the driveway and it wasn’t until Tuesday night when the contractor came to remove the forms that he told us we should have been watering it?

Will it crack now?? We’re worried.

What Colour should your Concrete Driveway be?Here’s the picture of our house before we even bought it!

What Colour should your Concrete Driveway be?

And here it is with the new driveway and without all that additional concrete along the side and of the house and 1/3 of the backyard which is how it was before.

See the sand? It’s ready for the flagstone. Love the curvy pathways MaryAnne White my landscape Architect from New York has designed for us!

The world of long distance design has come a long way!!

The flagstone went in this past weekend, can’t wait to show you but it’s all looking very brown and black right now because there’s nothing green in sight yet, eeeek!

So over to you my lovelies? Coloured driveways or not? You know what my vote is.

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  1. Am in Colorado and think I will tint the concrete driveway and new walkways to bring down the glare of regular concrete and so it does not overwhelm my small front yard, which gets full sun; I also want to tone down the color so there is not such a sharp contrast with the grass, mulch and plants. Almost wish I could do asphalt or gravel for the low color contrast but I need to be able to shovel, and I am in city limits, with sidewalks, so only concrete for driveways in this neighborhood. Is a big ticket item; any thoughts on brushed surfaces or colors to use? Am not doing stamped. Thanks!

    • But unless your driveway will be green what colour would be better than the colour of concrete which is like denim in the world of driveways and sidewalks? I would stick to no stain unless you have a really good design reason to do otherwise. Hope this helps, Maria

  2. I didn’t know that the undertone of a sidewalk was actually blue. My husband and I are wanting to add a new driveway and sidewalk to our home. We don’t know where the best place to order the concrete is. Hopefully, we can do some research and find the best company to buy this from.