Bathroom Dilemma: Rectangular or Oval Sink? Yay or Nay


via Traditional Home So last year at this time I said I would renovate my bathrooms in the Spring but then it didn't happen. I got busy, did not have a contractor and that was the end of that plan. It was a client living here in Chilliwack (who I'll tell you about very soon) that jolted me into action.… Continue reading


10 Questions for Maria Killam


Well it's been a very long time since I've been tagged in this kind of post so I couldn't resist! Centsational Girl listed her own 10 and here's mine: 1. Winter or Summer Definitely summer and this year we are having the best summer we've had in a while here in the North West. I love watching the new garden… Continue reading


Best Advice Ever: On Wood Finishes, Bad Sofas, and Area Rug Placement


There are times when I hit a blog and sorely wish that I had written the post I find there. The last time this unfortunate day happened ; ) ; ) was with Joni at Cote de Texas. She wrote a post about what it takes to have a classic house, and it's so good, I now send it to every… Continue reading


A Classic Cream and White Bathroom (How to get One)


As you might have figured out by now, I travel a lot! I've seen many hotel bathrooms over the years that I've been writing this blog and never felt compelled to show you one, until today. When I held my Specify Colour with Confidence™ course at the Harrington College of Design in Chicago and we stayed at the Palmer House Hilton.… Continue reading


The Best Way to Cover Dated Shower Doors


Terreeia and I had a lovely visit with our friends recently. As soon as I saw one of their bathrooms, I knew I had to show you. It was so clever! If you have dated glass shower doors, you're going to love this. All you need for this insta-update is is a decorative shower rod and some off-the-shelf curtains to match your decor. I… Continue reading


Front Doors in Toronto

Yellow Front Door

I'm here in Toronto leading one of my Specify Colour with Confidence™ Trainings and I was walking by these two front doors and had to show you. You know what's cool about front doors? Because they are an accent colour and you want them to be noticed, they can be brighter and cleaner than usual. I tried to guess what the… Continue reading


Thanksgiving or Christmas: Which is Your Holiday?

Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 8.44.21 PM

Better Homes & Gardens Since Canadian Thanksgiving happens in October I'm always a little impatient for American Thanksgiving to be over so that we can get on with Christmas! Mostly I'm envious that your Thanksgiving is almost as big as Christmas, AND  y'all have Black Friday too! source Have you ever seen a blue pumpkin? source I am so thankful… Continue reading


Decorative Pillow Giveaway

Screen shot 2011-10-12 at 5.59.51 PM

Many of you know that I never design a room without toss pillows, I truly believe they are one of the most important accessories in a living room. There are so many beautiful ways to make a pillow. Pillows by Dezign is hosting a giveaway of their beautiful toss cushions and one lucky readers will win a gift certificate for $200 each! Enough for almost 4 pillows for your sofa to freshen up your look. Continue reading


One More Day Before the Launch

Okay, tomorrow is the day. . . the day my site will go live. This is me, waiting without a lot of patience! Pinterest It will happen sometime in the afternoon if all goes well. We are still working on last minute issues with transferring all my blogger posts over to WordPress. See you next on my new site! Download… Continue reading


How often do you buy Flatware?

Vintage is really the prettiest (source) So I have a confession. Call me unsophisticated but I had no idea cutlery (which is what I thought it was called) or silverware is actually called flatware. And I'm pretty excited because on the way home from Seattle yesterday we stopped at Crate and Barrel and bought a new set. This is the… Continue reading


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