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My Creative Business Model and How it's Evolved


{maybe not this cold}  Some of you may have noticed that my posts have shifted considerably over the past few months to less rather than more. In the last year with all the time I've spent sitting in freezing cold hotel ballrooms looking at my business and thinking about what to do to make it better, I've learned that less… Continue reading


23 Things ONLY a Designer will Tell You

coffee table

 {via pinterest} This post is really fun because I asked all my True Colour Experts™ to give me their best advice and this was the first tip that arrived in my in-box, it might be the best one yet: Measure your furniture BEFORE you go out to shop for coffee tables "Okay, so you're going out the door to the store… Continue reading


Comparison is Just Trouble (Here's How to Get it Right)


The best part of my Specify Colour with Confidence™ training is the hands-on exercises. Participants learn first, how to show their clients the colour they are suggesting is the right one, and second, they learn how to explain why it's correct. And not just for wall colours. . . My recent on-line consult (above) her adorable little boy kept photobombing all her pics… Continue reading


Need an Extra Window Somewhere? (Do This Instead)

Need an Extra Window? (Do this Instead)

  When I saw this living room designed by True Colour Expert™ and Interior Designer Jennifer Reynolds my first thought was: "OMG look at those awesome drapes! Wait, are the windows smaller than the drapery? No, it's art in between each set of panels!" Is this a brilliant idea or what? You have to go here to see the before… Continue reading


A New Way to Design Accent tile: Ceramic Architecture

Herringbone Pattern

I first learned the term 'ceramic architecture' when the VP of Waterworks gave a presentation and I wrote this post afterwards about perfect vs. perfectly nice bathrooms. When I searched 'ceramic architecture' on google, I was fascinated that absolutely nothing comes up with regard to tile layouts. As many of you know, accent tile has a bad rap on this blog and… Continue reading


Renovate with Confidence – Focus on Finishes On Demand Training with Maria Killam


When I was a brand new designer, it scared me to choose tiles. There were so many of them. Thousands of clients and years later, I realized that 80% of tiles, shouldn't even be in the store. Most of them are bad and ugly, it's the pretty tile that I want to teach you to see. It's such a permanent decision! It's… Continue reading


Can Your House be Trendy & Classic at the Same Time?

hex tile

Hex Tile On vacation these last few days when I posted a restaurant rest room and an ice cream parlour, both happened to have hex tile floors. Someone asked if they were trendy and I said yes. White Kitchen Then another reader posted that they are classic and date back to the early 20's or maybe even before, just like… Continue reading


Check out my Latest Video on Colour Confidence


I have a new video on my Specify Colour with Confidence™ Training! It's coming up May 7-9, 2014. I have opened up the discount again so for a limited time it's $500 off! I was at a business conference this past weekend and realized that my current video really wasn't great at explaining the true value of my course, so… Continue reading


My SW Colour Boards are here + a Guest Post from True Colour Expert™ Claire Jefford


I am very excited to announce that my Sherwin Williams colour boards are ready! They are called The Essential Collection and were designed to go with my new White eBook which will be ready to download in approximately 4 weeks if all goes well. Just to be clear MY EBOOK IS NOT READY YET.  My colour boards are though, and… Continue reading


The 10-Step Maria Killam Colour Confidence Method™ (#3 is my Favourite)

Rubiks Cube

I'm really excited to announce my new Colour Confidence Method™! Last week's Specify Colour with Confidence™ training was the first group to go through this new method with me and here's what one of the participants had to say about the class: "Maria's course was fantastic – I learned a wealth of information from her and knew it would help me in… Continue reading


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