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The Best Colours For Your Bedroom Are Not What You Think


My guest poster today is Laurel Colins, a True Colour Expert from Nelson, B.C. Laurel uses the time-honoured principles of Feng Shui in all her colour consultations, and she's got some tips to share about the colours you definitely should (and definitely should NOT) use for your bedroom.

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An Expert Rarely Specifies Anything like Vanna White


When I was a new designer and I had to choose a sofa for a client, I would show up with my binder full of every sofa style available.

Then as I gained more experience, I realized that doing that made me look like I had no idea which sofa was the right one. And looking back, I mostly didn't. I was hoping my client would choose to take me off the hook.

It works the same with paint colours.

If you hire a designer or colour consultant and you are left with 10 (or more than 2) different shades of neutrals or colours to test for one room or one exterior?

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Learn how to use Large Painted Sample Boards

Black Friday Sale & Video

{via pinterest}     If you already have one of these collections, you'll know how valuable they are. Here's what one of my recent True Colour Experts said about her boards: “Without being too dramatic, the large colour boards have really and truly changed my color consultations. I purchased both of Maria’s collections after the Summer School webinar and having them immediately put me… Continue reading


How to Choose Paint Colours that Work with Your Lighting

How to Choose Paint Colours that Work with Your Lighting | Maria Killam

I recently received this question from Shelley, asking how useful it would be to custom mix a paint colour to get it right with the light in her home. "I’ve recently used BM Manchester Tan in a pantry that has a large fluorescent light fixture, and it looks lovely — right at the happy intersection of warm and cool. But in our front entry… Continue reading


Vancouver Colour Consultant: How Light Affects Paint Colour


I am getting lots of questions about lighting and how it affects paint colour. I'm including this one to start off this post because it's even more complicated than the usual one I receive (and it's a great question, thanks!) source "Maria, do you know of a seminar that would delve into the more technical aspects of colour: how do… Continue reading


Are you Waiting for your Paint Colour to Propose?

source Before the gray trend hit the streets, anytime I would hold up a basic linen shade (like BM Muslin or Manchester Tan) clients would say “ooooooooooooh that’s too gray”, or they would just raise their eyebrow and say “That’s the most boring colour ever!” So then I would either pull out a cooler gray to demonstrate that these colours… Continue reading


The 80/20 Rule also Applies to the most Popular Paint Colours

It’s called ‘The Pareto Principal’ and it means that in anything a few (20%) are vital and many (80%) are trivial. Or 20% of the people own 80% of the wealth or 20 percent of the defects cause 80% of the problems. Project Managers know that 20% of the work (the first 10% and the last 10%) consume 80% of… Continue reading


Vancouver's Colour Expert reveals the Insider Secrets to Testing & Selecting Paint Colours

flickr I arrived at a colour consultation yesterday and my lovely client Deborah agreed to let me photograph the consultation for my blog. She needed a colour for her living room. A new colour to freshen it up, she liked this one but knew it wasn’t right. You can see the existing yellow shade was looking a bit green next… Continue reading


Vancouver Colour Consultant; Get the most out of your Consultation

The painter is hovering, waiting for the list of paint colours for your house and he starts next week. You’ve tested them, but the colours you were so sure of yesterday are suddenly looking. . . wrong. They might be right, but at this point you are willing to pay to make sure. So you pick up the phone to… Continue reading


Monumental, Residential, and Human Scale; John Saladino

  One of the best books on Interior Design I have ever read is "Style by Saladino" by John Saladino, a New York designer. I first saw him speak at the Seattle Design Show about 3 years ago where he was also promoting his new book which I snapped up immediately. I have never read a coffee table design book from… Continue reading


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