Renovating my House

Easter Time and my 500 White Tulips are Blooming!

White Tulips View from Driveway

I planted my white tulip bulbs last year in November and December. And then I worried that they wouldn't be in the ground long enough and wouldn't come up. It's funny, when I first ordered 300, that number seemed like an incredible amount but then when I started planting, well I barely got the front yard done. So then I… Continue reading

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My Patio Plans this Spring (Include Snakes)

Pottery Barn Pillows

We have lived in our new house in the country for exactly two years now. We took possession in the middle of April in 2012. First, we renovated the interior and replaced the kitchen. Then last Spring at the end of April 2013, we totally ripped out the front and back yard.  So it's taken two years but I'm finally… Continue reading


My White Kitchen inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Maria Killam's White Kitchen

Today I'm just showing my kitchen from the magazine shoot and I"ll show the pictures of the rest of my house next. Here's my dining room on the cover of the April Colour issue, hooray! I thought I'd include the before pictures just for fun: Photography by Tracey Ayton Kitchen design by Jan Romanuk  Before Cabinets are painted Artisan White by… Continue reading


My New Decorative Gate: Before & After

Gate Hardware

When MaryAnne White, my Landscape Architect and I were discussing the decorative fencing and gate for the side entrance to the backyard, she sent over this picture with a note that said "Your gate should look like this". And of course, that's just what I installed. Here's the before with the endless amounts of concrete we inherited last year when… Continue reading


Ignorance is Truly Bliss: Before & After

Ignorance is Bliss: Before & After

"I'll tell you what really bugs me about your house", MaryAnne (my Landscape Architect) said to me one day. What? I held my breath waiting for her reply. . . "The two stovepipes that stick out of your roof!" (below) Before (the day we took possession, that's my nephew) I literally ran out of my studio that morning, to the… Continue reading


My Design Studio: Before, During & After

My Design Studio: Before, During & After

The transformation of my design studio is so amazing that it needs few words: The day we took possession. After we renovated it last Spring six weeks later. After the flagstone was installed this Spring. After   Here's another angle while shooting pictures so that my talented Landscape Architect MaryAnne White could start the design all the way from New… Continue reading


The Best Place to Buy Vinyl Shutters?

How to Measure for Exterior Shutters

So I'm looking for white shutters for the two lonely windows on the right side of my house. Keep in mind the link goes to my old images, I haven't posted new pictures of the landscaping transformation, but I will very soon. Okay so back to my story, since I currently have vinyl siding I decided to buy vinyl shutters. I… Continue reading


Danger: Your Designer has Left the Building

Danger: Your Designer has Left the Building

Have you ever had this happen to you? You hire a designer, consult with them on all the decisions you need to make. All is well. They leave, and then the contractor, painter, tiler. . . in other words the trades who will be executing your project, arrive on the scene. You tell them what you want and they say… Continue reading


First Rule of Design: Boring Now Equals Timeless Later

Boring Now Equals Classic Later

Last week I was at the Nursery and I called Mary Anne White (my Landscape Designer) because I was shopping for Hostas and this was how our conversation went: "Mary Anne, I'm here and there are so many beautiful Hostas, I can't decide! There's yellow ones, I love those, then there's these green and white ones, green and creamy ones,… Continue reading


How to Choose the Colour of your Gentek Gutters

How to Choose the Colour of your Gutters

Part of Mary Anne White's (my landscape Architect) plan for our landscape project in addition to extending the portico with new stone treads, was to beef up the column (below). Then once the new column was built, we were going to install the downspout behind the column instead of right smack in the front where it was. However, once the column… Continue reading


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