Exterior Trim: White is Nautical; Yellow is Heritage

Red house with White Trim

Getting your white right on the exterior and interior of your house is critical. For a blue or red house, it's the difference between your house looking nautical or heritage.   Red with White Trim   Red with Yellow Trim Blue with White Trim Blue with yellow beige trim That's my tip of the day! Off to enjoy my weekend,… Continue reading


Holiday Exterior Lights with Before and After Grays

Creative Outdoor Lights

When Betsy found my blog and read this post, she realized her white house was just a little too white paired with the more earthy brick columns and railing. A few days ago she emailed me her exterior holiday lights and I asked her to send all of the images if she had them. Here's what she sent, thanks Betsy!… Continue reading


Elizabeth's Turquoise & Red Family Room: Before & After

Elizabeth's Turquoise & Red Family Room: Before & After

Remember when I told you about the room I designed for Elizabeth's 40th Birthday present from her husband? Well it's almost done and her party was this past weekend. So I'm going to show it to you. This is Elizabeth and her husband Bill Jacobs. The guy who understands that a Happy Wife is a Happy Life. My sister was… Continue reading


When to Choose Low over High while Decorating

Quote by Thom Filicia

  We are going with Turquoise + Red My sister Elizabeth is turning 40 in July and for her birthday she wants the family room painted and re-decorated. Her kids are almost four and six, they have not bought any new furniture since they got married and had kids. The living room furniture currently has her husband Bill's 16 year… Continue reading


My Best Friend's Living Room


My best friend Tami moved into our townhouse complex in December. It's been so fabulous to have her living just across the garden from our living room windows. How often does your best friend move next door? So that's the only sad part about moving out a whole 1 hour and 15 minutes away. My pal Tami is NOT afraid… Continue reading


7 Ideas for Happy Colour

Screen shot 2012-04-24 at 7.11.42 AM

Last night IKEA had a media party to launch their brand new store in Richmond. They built one 3 times bigger right beside the old one which will apparently be torn down. EIVOR   It's always fun when colour trends arrive at big box stores and become totally affordable. This black and white throw will be a staple in everyone's… Continue reading


Red is for Valentines Day


If you really pay attention, you will notice that there's not a lot of true red spaces in this blog because I prefer warmer orange/reds over blue/reds. So in honour of Love day, here are some red rooms especially for the red lovers: Continue reading


Vancouver Colour Consultant: Before & After – An On-Line Colour Consultation in Texas

guest ceiling

Dorothy emailed me back in November and asked if she could pay for one hour of my time to consult on her daughter's home. It was to be her Christmas present. The den (below) was the biggest reason. Beth hated the colour so much she was starting to be convinced that it was time to move. Before After: SW 6131… Continue reading


Vancouver Interior Designer: Before & After – Cranberry and Blue Living Room

Screen shot 2011-11-30 at 9.14.56 PM

A while ago I showed you a sneak peek of this living room I was working on and it's finally done! Note these photos were taken by me! Photos by Maria Killam The existing panelled wall was oak and did not match the new hardwood floor so we first painted it the colour of the rest of the room (BM… Continue reading


3 Ways to Update a Brand New House

Whenever I am with a client either on the phone virtually (like the following house in Omaha) or in person and I announce that the carpet, backsplash or sofa (for example) has a--gasp–pink undertone, my clients almost always react the same way--oh no, what do we do now!

ouse is brand new!". I replied, '"Here's how you know this kitchen is NOT current, you will never find it in a magazine from 2011". That was all the confirmation Laura needed (and luckily her husband agreed). She set about painting all the oak woodwork including the kitchen white and here are the results! Continue reading


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