Ask Maria: Is My Living Room Too Beachy?

Jeffrey Bilhuber  When I saw this Ask Maria question, I immediately thought of Jeffrey Bilhuber’s recent spread in House Beautiful Magazine. The answer to your question today lovely reader, is inspired by my favourite decorator. Here’s the question: I recently moved with my husband into our first house!  I have been so excited to make it our own, but I have gotten our living room stuck in a rut!  I ... Continue Reading

How to Successfully Design Around Awkward Structural Elements

Today's guest post is from Claire Jefford, a True Colour Expert and certified interior decorator from Burlington, Ontario. Claire's got an interesting designer solution for those of you dealing with awkward structural elements in your home, like bulkheads in the basement. Want to know what it is? ... Continue Reading

How to Coordinate Unusual Colour Combinations

{More funny texts from moms} It’s 5:00 AM and my phone pings with a text from my Mom: “Come for coffee now! I’m up but I’ll nap later”. (Except she writes it in Finnish, I can read it but do not ask me to have a conversation in Finnish, that’s where my dual language ability ends). “Ok” I text back, and jump out of bed, slip on my Ugh boots and ... Continue Reading

Happy Turquoise & Purple Exterior in Christina Lake

  We’re here in Christina Lake for a few days camping! I really prefer room service, but when you have kids, you either go to the cottage in the summer or you have a trailer and camp by the lake which is where my sister Elizabeth and her family are this week! So where my nephews are, that’s where you’ll find me eventually. Markus (my youngest Nephew) and Terreeia We arrived on ... Continue Reading

13 Ways to Create Flow with a White Kitchen

View from the Master Bedroom In early 2014 I went down to Portland to work with a design coach.  I called my friend Barbara Miller who lives there to find out if we could have a visit. Barbara said “Yes that sounds great, and why don’t you stay in my Mom’s 6 million dollar house while you’re here. She’s in Palm Springs and won’t mind”. Hmmmm. . . . well if ... Continue Reading

My Take on Pantone’s 2014 Colour of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Since purple hasn’t been on Pantone’s radar for more than 10 years, maybe it was time for it to take the spotlight as the colour of the year. {click on images for source} I would not have said purple. Since I consult with clients all over the country I can honestly say not one person has ever considered this shade of purple for their house except for MAYBE a kids ... Continue Reading

Colour Interview with Eileen Kathryn Boyd

I am a huge fan of Eileen Kathryn Boyd and her work. I had the pleasure of meeting her in New York at Blogfest last year! And she was in this June’s House Beautiful! here’s a bedroom she designed using her fabrics from Duralee. I recently interviewed her for my blog and here are her answers: What is your favourite colour?  Purple.  In the lightest shade it can be a ... Continue Reading

7 Ideas for Happy Colour

Last night IKEA had a media party to launch their brand new store in Richmond. They built one 3 times bigger right beside the old one which will apparently be torn down. EIVOR   It’s always fun when colour trends arrive at big box stores and become totally affordable. This black and white throw will be a staple in everyone’s living room because it so crisp and graphic with pops ... Continue Reading

Are China Cabinets Dated? Yay or Nay

Image via Pinterest I recently bought a sideboard for my dining room (I still need to find lamps, etc which is why I haven’t posted it yet). I certainly had room for a china cabinet but I didn’t buy one because it would have made the space look smaller. Plus what I love about a sideboard is that you can put lamps on top of it with artwork or a ... Continue Reading

What is the Colour of Fun?

flickr At the CMG conference in 2010 we had a presentation called C20 where 20 colour professionals had one minute to present ‘What’s Next’.  My favourite was Mark Woodman’s question: A day at the beach (flickr) He said he noticed from just observing the world around him that the colour of fun is NEVER beige. And he asked us all a simple question: flickr His presentation was at the end and it’s ... Continue Reading

Which Colour Sofa Should You Buy?

Which colour sofa should you buy? It’s been a long time since I have picked out a new sofa. I bought my first one when I was 21 and it was black with white stripes. When I got married at 27 my husband and I bought a sofa and love seat in forest green leather, back when we all thought this colour would be timeless. Two years later when I got divorced I ... Continue Reading

How to update an 80’s Kitchen with Colour

You know how referral business is always the best because if you have a great client, then it’s likely that their friends will be great too? Well I have decided my readers/clients (that’s you) are all fabulous! It’s like I get the best referrals on the planet from those of you that read this blog and I am so grateful! House Beautiful I was on the phone doing an on-line ... Continue Reading