Photo shoot styling

Before & After: The Pinterest School of Styling


Interior design & styling by Maria Killam Last week as I lay by the pool on vacation in Kauai, I had already read both of the beach novels that I brought, so I went through my client's library  and pulled out The Alchemist. My sister Elizabeth posing for my photo Three years ago, when my client was building this house in… Continue reading


How to Photograph Your Projects to Get More Business

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Advice for new decorators and designers sounds like this: "Pay a professional photographer to take photos of one great project, or even one room decorated well, and show that on your website." And before you tell me that you barely made any money on the job so you can't afford to pay to have it photographed, that's not how you should calculate… Continue reading


Indigo & Turquoise Summer House in the Fraser Valley: Before & After

coffee table vignette

As promised, here are the photos from the guest house with a pool that my clients built beside their home on Promontory Hill. They don't have to drive when they go away for the weekend! Here she is looking so pretty in her navy dress on photo shoot day! The main house is on the left side (not shown).  Loungers ready… Continue reading


Photo Shoot Preparations

Preparing for my Photo Shoot

My photographer came today to shoot my house, now that I finally made a decision on my drapes and they have been installed–I'll give you a hint, they're HOT PINK–so Tuesday I drove into the city to buy flowers and Elizabeth came with me. Here's where we went: 12:20 pm We arrive in Vancouver and it's time for lunch. We… Continue reading


The Best Inspiration for Styling a Room for a Photo


On the third day of my True Colour Expert Workshops we talk about the business of colour. The best way to sell a colour consultation, etc. My advice to any designer setting up a website is NEVER use photos that are not professionally taken. Jeffrey Bilhuber I talked about this here, with some great visuals. If you don't have a… Continue reading


How Important is Pretty?


When I had my first website designed, I consciously chose to show only after photos in my portfolio. I did this because when I looked at interior design portfolios that I admired, I saw just one pretty picture after another. Pinterest My advice is to show just the after, keep your website as pretty as possible. The reason why Pinterest… Continue reading


What I Love about Lauren Liess Textiles

Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 6.23.40 AM

Lauren from Pure Style Home has been selling her new fabrics on her website for over a month now and I keep meaning to write about how beautiful they all are, so here it is finally! I have known Lauren since I began this blog three years ago! She is so talented, a very sweet person and a wonderful designer… Continue reading


eBook Cover Photo Shoot – Sneak Peek!

Screen shot 2011-10-27 at 6.26.52 AM

My first eBook will be ready soon (update – it's ready now – see ad to the right). We just need to find someone to do the design and lay-out. I would prefer to hire a designer who has actually put an eBook together but that person is proving to be difficult to find. The idea for the covers came… Continue reading


Photo shoot in Morgan Creek

I have just finished decorating a stunning home in White Rock and I thought I’d share my day with you starting with a picture of the view outside my house at 7:30 am yesterday! Spring has arrived in Vancouver and my turtlenecks are suddenly too hot to wear 7:45 am – Here I am clipping some leaves from one of… Continue reading


Vancouver Interior Stylist; What every Designer should know about Photography

  Yaletown loft patio by Maria Killam Colour & Design for BC Home, photographed by Anna Beaudry From the beginning stages of designing my website I decided not to show ‘before’ photographs because I noticed that established designers on the internet rarely show images of their interiors before they were decorated. Photo with the angle I chose This is also… Continue reading


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