The Best Way to Choose a Front Door Colour from Palm Springs

How do you choose the colour of your front door? Well if you have a white or cream house (or another pretty neutral shade) without any fixed elements, technically, your options are endless. But are they? The way to create flow from the outside to the inside is to look inside your front door. What are the colours in your entry or your adjoining rooms? That’s where you’ll find your ... Continue Reading

Ask Maria: How Much Colour is Too Much for a Kids Room?

Enise emailed me this photo the other day with a great ‘Ask Maria’ question: ”I have a very colourful antique kilim that I would like to use in my daughters bedroom. Since the kilim is so colourful, I am confused on choosing the bedding. I know that I can use some colours from the kilim pattern but those are very vibrant colours so I am afraid the kids may feel too energetic to ... Continue Reading

Cream is Old, White is New, and Other Thoughts About Italy

Turns out, Italy doesn't always follow the same rules we do when it comes to colour! There's something about that place that means they can do forest green and a bunch of different undertones with abandon, and somehow, it all still looks amazing. I can't wait to tell you about my trip, show you some photos of beautiful exteriors, and share a recipe for my favourite Italian cocktail! ... Continue Reading

7 Ways to Make the Most of What You Already Have | Before & After

Crystal called me to help her pull together her new house. This was her request: "I used to have a colourful condo. Oranges and yellows have always been a favourite of mine, and in the last 5 years, I’ve loved pinks. I hired a designer about 6 years ago, and I guess she was successful at convincing me that colour was kids' stuff and neutrals were sophisticated. So out with all my stuff and in with the new. Cream, chocolate browns, and greens. I found it bland and lifeless, although yes, very nice and sophisticated. So I started adding pink with Designers Guild bedding, decorative pillows, etc. I also bought some whimsical paintings with colour punches (I’ve attached photos of them)." I was very impressed by your colourful portfolio and would love your help." See the before and afters here. . . ... Continue Reading

How to Take Charge of Your Bossy Tile

When we walked into our room at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport last May, I declared, “This room was decorated BEFORE the brown trend!” It’s a game I like to play with anyone who will listen everywhere I go. What’s the dead giveaway? The colour of the wood-stained furniture: it was all orange and yellow with no espresso brown in sight. This hotel was built in 1999, so that means this colour scheme ... Continue Reading

How to Coordinate Unusual Colour Combinations

{More funny texts from moms} It’s 5:00 AM and my phone pings with a text from my Mom: “Come for coffee now! I’m up but I’ll nap later”. (Except she writes it in Finnish, I can read it but do not ask me to have a conversation in Finnish, that’s where my dual language ability ends). “Ok” I text back, and jump out of bed, slip on my Ugh boots and ... Continue Reading

The Happy Colours of Lunenburg

So this is the level of my colour obsession. I brought a fan deck in my suitcase and as we walked around in and out of the shops in Lunenburg yesterday, I matched the colours as we went along. This turquoise house is BM 644 St. Paddys Day First blue house is 798 Blue Suede Shoes with SW Snowbound Trim. There’s a golf course across the harbour which is what makes ... Continue Reading

Aimee’s Happy Home Makeover: Before & After

This weekend Irene's sister, Aimee experienced a makeover so big that by the end of the day Saturday, she said to Irene "I never understood the term 'eye candy' until this happened to my house. Now, everywhere I look, there's something pretty to look at." ... Continue Reading

Of Course I would Love THIS Exterior

I can’t wait until my How to Choose Exterior Paint Colours with Confidence webinar is here next week! I’ve been rounding up images to whip it into shape and yesterday, I snapped a photo of this house in the middle of a very traditional neighbourhood downtown.   It’s so rare to find such a modern and fun colour scheme, I immediately screeched to a halt so I could take a picture ... Continue Reading

My Family Room Inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Okay, this week I’m showing you the after’s of the family room in this months colour issue of Style at Home, it’s really fun to see the transformation! Here is what the drywall return doorways were like! These angled corners, had to go!! The adjoining family room was too narrow to make opening up this entire wall practical but we definitely opened it up twice as much. Before Photography by ... Continue Reading

The View into my Guest Bedroom

This is the first thing I see when I walk out of the master bedroom and down the hallway towards my living room. I love the way the art picks up the hallway colour (and the sorbet orange in the office right beside it. Next I need drapery throughout the entire house. Guest room Cloverdale 7809 or SW6415 Hearts of Palm, Hallway CL 7928, Office CL 7983 or SW Exciting ... Continue Reading

I Hate My Closet Contest & Maria’s New Closets

Photos by Maria Killam (partial view from my living room) Chris Isfeld from the Designer Closet Guys arrived the day before we moved in last week to install our closets! He had everything packed in his designer truck. Here’s all the boxes, ready to be installed. The orange closet is Cloverdale 7983 or SW 6661. Chris arrived at around noon and was finished installing the master and spare bedroom closet ... Continue Reading

My Best Friend’s Living Room

My best friend Tami moved into our townhouse complex in December. It’s been so fabulous to have her living just across the garden from our living room windows. How often does your best friend move next door? So that’s the only sad part about moving out a whole 1 hour and 15 minutes away. My pal Tami is NOT afraid of colour. Red is her favourite colour and last year ... Continue Reading

A Happy Yellow Living Room: Before & After

Eun emailed me for an on-consultation because she had some questions about colour as well as decorating her living room. She wanted to buy a new sofa. The yellow on the walls and orange drapery were already here when she moved in and she liked the existing colours. Before Notice her carpet is pink beige but we decided to ignore it. An area rug solved that problem. Remember two months ... Continue Reading

Maria’s Master Bedroom: Before & After

One thing I’m very happy about is that my new house will accommodate all the furniture I have bought for this townhouse over the past two years. This is the last room in my house tour that you’ve seen for the past couple weeks. Photography by Jennifer Houghton I bought this bed from Martha Stewart furniture in a natural linen fabric. You can see that compared to my  OC-15 Baby ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Colour Consultant: My Take on Pantone’s Colour of 2012: Tangerine Tango

I almost missed posting this story as I’m about to run out to a couple designer parties tonight and I heard about it at The Decorologist first! Then ‘From Caroline’ wrote a post where she also announced the colour of the year but also mentioned that my takeaway from the annual CMG Conference in September was about orange moving to a tangerine shade. Image via Apartment Therapy It’s interesting to ... Continue Reading