Does a Sexy, Reasonable but Comfortable Office Chair Exist?

This is the question I have been wondering about for quite a while now. My office {photo by Tracy Ayton Photography} These are the chairs we have now (above). I bought them from Coscto about 4 years ago. I seem to remember that they were somewhere in the realm of $250. But now, if you get close to them, they look like they have been infested with worms, ewwwww! When ... Continue Reading

My Mom’s (Soooo Easy) Famous Corn Salad

  Via Pinterest Since it’s corn season, especially out in the country where we live, it’s time that I shared this recipe with you. Chilliwack is known for their triple sweet Jubilee corn. My Mom is really good at one dish meals and since we are vegetarians, this salad is all we need for dinner. For everyone else though, it’s awesome with food from the summer barbecue. 6 corn on ... Continue Reading

How I Discovered my System of Understanding Undertones™

Have you ever wondered exactly how I discovered my system of Understanding Undertones™ that I teach to designers, decorators, architects, home stagers and colour enthusiasts from around the world? I didn’t see the subtle undertones in neutrals myself until I started using large colour boards. So really, they are a huge contribution to the existence of my entire system. There are way too many colour choices that are just plain ... Continue Reading

How to Get Exactly What You Want for Christmas

source Year ago when I was in a course by Landmark Education called The Wisdom Course, this woman came up to me and said “Maria, the reason why you’re single is because you’re too powerful. Men are intimidated by you”, you should do this course called Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women. source Whether THAT statement was true or not is debatable, but it was enough to get me to register for ... Continue Reading

How to Feel Luxurious in Your Dated Bathroom

source This past February at the Design Bloggers Conference in LA, Waterpik had a booth there and they gave away a shower head to everyone in attendance. My current DATED bathroom with a new paint colour Since I was renting at the time, I didn’t install it, (in hindsight I should have). Now that I’m a homeowner, I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have ... Continue Reading

My Top 5 Picks for Fall Fashion

My sister Elizabeth and I were in Seattle this weekend for a little fall shopping. The rain held off for most of the weekend and we loved walking through the streets kicking leaves in between the stores.   Kate Spade We hit the outlets on the way into town and I picked up this purple bag from Kate Spade. My sister took one look at the old coach bag I ... Continue Reading

Rule for Chairs

Awhile ago, I fell in love with Tara Dillard’s garden blog called Vanishing Threshold: Garden, Life Home. source Her posts are so simple, interesting, sometimes funny, and yet so profound. I subscribed to her posts because I was suddenly fascinated with landscaping since my new house needed tons of it. Maryanne White (My landscape designer) suggested a garden urn to be placed right in front of my living room window. She ... Continue Reading

Attention all Home Decor Lovers! West Elm has arrived in Vancouver to South Granville! It’s very difficult to find basic, stylish furniture, and home decor items in Vancouver. So many times, I will arrive at a consultation where my stylish client walks me through their entire house and basically everything is from a certain big box home decor store in this town. Anyway, I’m very happy they are finally in ... Continue Reading

10 Ways to Save Money NOW By Creating a Focal Point

I am on vacation this week and I’m re-posting a few of my best posts, this one was originally written in June 2009. This is my all time favourite because creating a focal point (or another more important place to draw the eye) is such a great way to distract from something you don’t like in the room. Try it, and here’s some tips to help: You know when you ... Continue Reading

Do You Need this Fabulous Task Light?

Here’s how you know you’re really busy. I was 1/2 hour early for an consultation the other day and I thought “OMG, how can I be productive and not feel like this time is wasted”. So, I drove around the corner and there was the bank and Chapters. I needed a birthday present for my best friend Tami.   source I found this fabulous lamp! I knew she needed one ... Continue Reading

My #1 Must-Have Travel Accessory

I am someone that likes to travel light even though I have no idea how to pack properly so that I end up with everything I need. But last week when I arrived at my workshop I think I finally pulled it off!  It helps that I’ve been shopping with my Stylist Angie for four seasons now. source One great tip is to create a list on your computer or iphone ... Continue Reading

Ten Things I Want for Christmas in 2011

This is not a list of ideas for gifts but maybe you’ll get one or two when I post mine! Here they are just for fun! 1. A Better Camera. source Okay, so I am embarrassed to tell you that any photos you see on this blog that I have taken are with my little point and shoot which I carry around in my purse at all times! I need ... Continue Reading

Christmas Karjalan Piirakka from My Mom

This morning all three of my nephews were at breakfast with Santa at the local community center. Earlier in the week when William found out  this was our Saturday event he was really impressed that Santa was coming to their village just to see the kids! Photos by Maria Killam Okay, the reason I posted this photo (below) is because of the look on Markus’ face (left). Priceless! Also my sister ... Continue Reading

Five Stylish Picks by “You Look Fab”

Elizabeth and I spent the day shopping with Angie Saturday and had an amazing time! These are some of the clothes we found: J. Crew Love this blazer. Angie and I debated on the gray and cream one vs the black and charcoal combination and she said this would be the best with all the colour I have. I recently bought three pairs of colourful skinny jeans from Bebe–my sister said ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Interior Designer: A White Decorating Tip Everyone Should Know

When I was young and one of my mom's friends would arrive for a visit with a pot of mums, I secretly used to think that was the cheapest way of showing up with flowers. But that was before I fell in love with flowers and discovered every single way to display them. Honestly, I would be embarrassed to tell you how many vases I own. Years ago I figured out how to make a potted plant look great without just taking one of your plates from the teacup collection and sticking it underneath the plastic pot. Or just using a plastic green tray ... Continue Reading

10 Things I’m taking to the Bloggers Conference in LA

Photo by Maria Killam Well my lovelies, I’m off to the Design Bloggers Conference at the Sofitel in LA. I am looking forward to a few days of fun and meeting so many bloggers/friends for the first time, I’m very excited! Here is what I’m bringing:Black Cashmere Wrap for the plane Mine’s getting old now but it’s way better than an airplane blanket (do they even hand those out anymore?). ... Continue Reading