How to Choose Colour

How NOT to Choose Paint Colours (But Everybody Does It)

Blue, green & Yellow

  This post is also an "Ask Maria" question. So here it is: "I have painted my family room with BM Clay Beige except the focal fireplace wall which I selected SW Exclusive Plum (6263).  I am happy with those colors.  I personally like colors that make you feel lifted, happy, and free, especially with punch of a nice color(s)… Continue reading


5 Ways to Transform your Bedroom Right Now!

Santorini Bedding

For years and years, every time I have tried to source off-the-shelf bedding for a client, I walk away from the stores, pretty much uninspired. So I end up getting custom bedding made or I'll suggest a white or cream duvet cover with custom shams. All of that has changed with this really fun bedding I found recently. Since the master… Continue reading


Ask Maria: My Walls Bother Me, Can You Help?

Ask Maria

Mary, one of my long-time readers (since 2009) booked a consultation with me. When we got on the phone, the first thing I said to her was "What are we doing here? I love your space!" She said, "This is BM Quiet Moments and it's everywhere in my house but it bothers me in the living room and I don't… Continue reading


Once You Go Big, You Never Go Back

My Black Friday Sale Starts Now

Can't choose colours with tiny samples. (source) Do you have my large colour boards yet? At 50 boards for $297 (including shipping), it's an awesome deal. Each one of the 50 boards only costs $6 when you buy the collection – you can't come even close to buying the necessary paint and posters boards for that price. Never mind all the… Continue reading


The Case for Matchy Matchy Decorating

The Case for Matchy Matchy Decorating

via Pinterest (click on image) Recently while consulting with clients around their fixed finishes like tiles and countertops or exterior stone I have have been hearing phrases like: 'It's matchy, matchy but I think it's okay'. or 'It's matchy, matchy is that okay?' or 'I don't want it to look matchy matchy'. This same conversation came up again in Toronto… Continue reading


5 Best Ways to Choose your Roof Colour


About a year before I started writing this blog (it's almost 5 years old), I was partners with another interior designer and we were specifying finishes for spec homes. One day we were sitting in a meeting with the builders who had hired us, discussing exterior colour and I calmly announced that "All [asphalt] roofs should be black".  All four… Continue reading


How I Created my System of Understanding Undertones™

Maria's VIP Approved Collection is Here!

Have you ever wondered exactly how I discovered my system of Understanding Undertones™ that I teach to designers, decorators, architects, home stagers and colour enthusiasts from around the world? I didn't see the subtle undertones in neutrals myself until I started using large colour boards. So really, they are a huge contribution to the existence of my entire system. There… Continue reading


How to Choose the Color of your Flagstone: Before & After

How to Choose the Colour of your Flagstone

Since I'm such a novice around landscaping, I have consulted with MaryAnne over every detail. One of the ONLY questions I did not ask her was regarding the colour of my flagstone. The colour of your house MUST be taken into consideration when choosing the stone or brick that you will install in your hardscape. My house is currently a… Continue reading


4 Ways to Work with Colour over Neutrals

How to work with Colour over Neutrals

When I give the participants in my colour training an in-class exercise, or homework (hey you get your money's worth with us) I notice that when they select colours to create a colour palette they take the undertone of whatever paint chip/s they have to work with and repeat it. So if I show a blue green, and they need… Continue reading


How to be Smart in a World of Dumb Designers


After I posted my goals for 2013 last week sharing my dilemma on finding images that I could use to show 'What not to do with undertones', I received this very generous email from one of my lovely readers (no names will be used here), who said I was welcome to share her story: I have made literally every mistake… Continue reading


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