Do you Dare to go Darker?

When I help clients with colour who have had white walls for 20-40 years (okay a long time), it’s generally very hard for me to get them past a ‘barely there’ shade. This was what happened when I arrived at John & Rita’s home here in North Vancouver this summer. I had chosen their exterior colours a few years ago and as a past client, they received my (fabulous and ... Continue Reading

Effect of Natural Light Exposures on Colour

Metamerism: When 2 items look the same under one light source such as daylight, but change dramatically when viewed under a different light source such as incandescent lighting. Northern Exposure adds blue to a colour; East adds green; South adds yellow-white and washes out colour; while West adds Orange. This is an image (immediately below) of a restaurant in San Francisco, 1300fillmore Look at the way the afternoon/early evening sun ... Continue Reading