Tour My House: Learn the 6 Best Ways to Transition Colour

Take a walk with me through my house for a real-time example of how to create perfect colour flow in your home. ... Continue Reading

Colour in Commercial Hallways: 3 Ways to Get it Right

The corridors of apartments and hotels set an important tone for the building as a whole. Here's how to choose colours that coordinate with each other, address the challenges of these common spaces, and make a designer statement. ... Continue Reading

How to Take Charge of Your Bossy Tile

When we walked into our room at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport last May, I declared, “This room was decorated BEFORE the brown trend!” It’s a game I like to play with anyone who will listen everywhere I go. What’s the dead giveaway? The colour of the wood-stained furniture: it was all orange and yellow with no espresso brown in sight. This hotel was built in 1999, so that means this colour scheme ... Continue Reading

How to Choose Paint Colours that Work with Your Lighting

I recently received this question from Shelley, asking how useful it would be to custom mix a paint colour to get it right with the light in her home. “I’ve recently used BM Manchester Tan in a pantry that has a large fluorescent light fixture, and it looks lovely — right at the happy intersection of warm and cool. But in our front entry and hallway (which are criminally devoid of any shred of ... Continue Reading

How NOT to Choose Paint Colours (But Everybody Does It)

  This post is also an “Ask Maria” question. So here it is: “I have painted my family room with BM Clay Beige except the focal fireplace wall which I selected SW Exclusive Plum (6263).  I am happy with those colors.  I personally like colors that make you feel lifted, happy, and free, especially with punch of a nice color(s) here and there.  So, this new trend that is coming ... Continue Reading

Decorating with Red: Before & After

Paula from Salad in a Jar hired me in April for an on-line consultation to help with colours and decorating updates on her house. Two hours later, she had a plan and three months later, here is the fabulous result! This is what she said: “Thank-you again for helping me a few months ago. You gave me a lot of confidence which made the whole project a lot more fun! I’m thrilled with ... Continue Reading

Earth Tones that Feel like 2014 NOT 2002

{Oak Bay Beach Hotel} Recently I received a comment from a reader saying it would be great if I would write an occasional post about earth tones because she preferred them over the current white/black/grey colours that are popular and trendy right now. Well, dear reader, the opportunity presented itself this weekend. It’s my Terreeia’s birthday and we arrived yesterday, here at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria to ... Continue Reading

Eclectic Art in the Hallway

{Front Door Colour: Cloverdale 7669} The art wall in my hallway has looked like this almost since we moved in over a year ago. I couldn’t stand the wall sitting empty so I filled it with mostly empty frames in the hopes that it would inspire me to fill them faster. It didn’t. Every time I walked by, I was annoyed. Just for fun, here’s what my door looked like ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Interior Designer: How to Coordinate Colour for Commercial Patterned Carpet

See this busy, patterned carpet which is all throughout the hallways and classrooms where I attended this workshop the last three days? Well, you can see that the rubber baseboard was selected to coordinate with the carpet (they did the best they could–the standard colours are limited). However, the wall colour should then be a second colour found from the carpet. There are already probably about 7- 8 colours in it. ... Continue Reading

Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Lantern Chandelier

I am kind of a virgin when it comes to shopping on-line.  I pretty much have only ever bought books. Every time I have found something great that I wanted, by the time I get to the check-out and they add in the Canadian dollar exchange with the exorbitant shipping costs to get it across the border, well, it’s just not worth it anymore. I love this light too (image ... Continue Reading

The Best Way to Update Forest Green

If you still have forest green sofas from the 80’s, this avocado green will go a long way to updating your living room! Doesn’t it look amazing here? Miles Redd in House Beautiful One could argue that this is the new Kelly Green but it looks pretty forest green to me! Of course the nail head trim on the doors scream old money, but still – the yellowy green gives ... Continue Reading

Runaway in Vegas

My mom was in Vegas last weekend with my sister and she snapped this photo of my little nephew taking off down the hotel halls!! I’m always analyzing painted hallways because the wall colour doesn’t always [perfectly] match the carpeting. This is because the colours are picked in a designers office instead of in the hall with the lighting installed.What’s your opinion of this one? While you’re here, subscribe to ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Colour Consultant talks about Colour in Hallways

I was in Park Royal Mall on the weekend and noticed they had renovated one of their hallways leading outside and to the restrooms. I had to take a photo because I thought the blue chosen here was fabulous! Nice tile layout combined with wood panelling and wall sconces. It’s a perfect example of my mantra, “A light colour will never come to life in a dark room!” Here is ... Continue Reading