Colour lesson

Why Choosing Granite is so Hard


I came across this comment on my blog the other day, I had forgotten about it. This reader expressed what so many of my clients have told me over the years but she was just super entertaining in her distress. . . How did I end up with this crazy granite choice that is glaring at me from the counter?! I'm crying… Continue reading


The Key to Great Design is Contrast

Kelly Wearstler Surf Boards

I still laugh to myself when I think about the fact that I blogged for an entire year before I figured out exactly what 'my look' was. I started my blog in October 2008 and even wrote a post in March 2009 about what my Interior Design Style was but it wasn't until months later that I figured it out. Continue reading


Should your Great Room Fireplace Relate to the Kitchen?

Green & Blue

Yes it definitely should.

Here are some kitchens and great rooms that are not necessarily from the same house (actually only the first one is) but sure look like they could be: Continue reading


I'm an Interior Decorator NOT an Interior Designer

I'm an Interior Decorator NOT an Interior Designer

Let's just be clear, I believe a room can be totally transformed with exactly the right throw pillows. In fact, a dated room that looks tired and sad, can also be completely brought to life with the right updated pillow. I do it with my clients all the time and there's nothing more fun. In fact, I get so many… Continue reading


Earth Tones that Feel like 2014 NOT 2002

Coffee Table

{Oak Bay Beach Hotel} Recently I received a comment from a reader saying it would be great if I would write an occasional post about earth tones because she preferred them over the current white/black/grey colours that are popular and trendy right now. Well, dear reader, the opportunity presented itself this weekend. It's my Terreeia's birthday and we arrived yesterday,… Continue reading


Is Cognac Leather Furniture as Neutral as Denim? Yay or Nay

Cognac + Purple

I'm so happy that camel coats and cognac leather furniture are on trend. Although last week I bought a camel coat from Nordstrom and when it arrived it looked like a sack on me so back it went. Sigh. I guess it was a little too late in the season to have any kind of selection.   {Click on images… Continue reading


13 Ways to Create Flow with a White Kitchen

How to Create Flow with a White Kitchen

View from the Master Bedroom Two weeks ago, I found a new business coach. Julia decided my business needed an intervention and if I didn't come to see her, it would be months until we sorted things out on the phone together. Fortunately for me, she had two days that she was able to re-arrange on short notice to fit… Continue reading


Ask Maria: Help! I Don't Want the Same Kitchen as Everyone Else!!

Ask Maria: I Don't Want My Kitchen to Look like Everyone Else!!

Recently, I received this question from one of my lovely readers:  'I'm trying to come up with a color of floor tile that matches a kitchen with volga blue granite counter tops, white cabinets, very light grey walls, and stainless steel appliances.  I don't want wood in the kitchen or anything that looks like wood.  I think too many people have that look… Continue reading


Don't Fight with the Boss of Your House

Don't Fight with the Boss of your House

Elizabeth and I spent Saturday together Christmas Shopping on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. Then at 6:00 pm, we decided to have dinner so we went to Cin Cin, one of our favourite restaurants. These are the stairs going up to the restaurant. You immediately feel like you're arriving somewhere special, beautiful and european. Since I have been sourcing beautiful… Continue reading


Ask Maria: My Walls Bother Me, Can You Help?

Ask Maria

Mary, one of my long-time readers (since 2009) booked a consultation with me. When we got on the phone, the first thing I said to her was "What are we doing here? I love your space!" She said, "This is BM Quiet Moments and it's everywhere in my house but it bothers me in the living room and I don't… Continue reading


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