The Best Way to Plan Outfits for any Trip

Took this picture from our suite (above) Terreeia and I spent an extra day in Dallas after my Specify Colour with Confidence™ course ended there last week so we did a little shopping (most of my outfit actually). After all, we were only home for two days, in time to pack up for a 10 day vacation in Los Cabos and bring my Mom! She’s never been to Mexico, or an ... Continue Reading

Fall Fashion in Seattle with Elizabeth & Maria

Elizabeth Jacobs Every Fall, Elizabeth and I go to Seattle for the weekend to do some shopping. It’s always beautiful and sunny and we love the restaurants there. We had fabulous meals, everywhere. Plus I introduced her to Chipotles where we had lunch on the way down as well as Sunday! So fresh and yummy. Our first stop was Lululemon at the Outlet store in Burlington. {Henley} {Cropped Pants}{Racer Tank} We both picked ... Continue Reading

My Favourite Fashion Tips for Fall 2014

My Specify Colour with Confidence™ course is here in downtown Vancouver starting tomorrow so I decided I needed a couple new items for Fall. My Sisters and I drove into downtown Vancouver for a little shopping and dinner on Friday night and after walking around here is what I’ve decided will make you look current this Fall. Plaids are HOT.  {source} I especially love the pattern mixing with the leopard coat. ... Continue Reading

Stylish Women Don’t Wear T-Shirts: Yay or Nay?

Rowena’s Inn on the River (Where we were last night) This week I walked into J.Crew in downtown Vancouver and when I was standing in the fitting room, Kim, the stylist/manager (in town for training from Calgary) came to my room to see how I was doing. She taught me a new trick (for me) that I’m showing you here (above) which is tucking in only one side of a ... Continue Reading

Style at Home and Canadian Living on 2013 Fall Trends

Do you ever pull something out of your closet to wear and then soon after you’ve left the house, decide that you’re never going to wear it again? Well, that’s how I felt in my purple, ruffled top yesterday when I arrived at this event where the editors of Style at Home and Canadian Living gave a presentation on Fall 2013 Trends at the new Loblaws store in North Vancouver. ... Continue Reading

My Take on Pantone’s 2013 Colour of the Year: Emerald

For the record, I did not predict this colour. I definitely thought it would be blue. Specifically a brighter, more cornflower blue. And I wasn’t the only one. Also, there’s a big difference between Emerald and Kelly Green, yet every image on Pantone’s slideshow announcing this colour shows both, this one being a perfect example (above). Here’s another publicity image from Pantone showing emerald suede shoes with a Kelly green ... Continue Reading

My Top 5 Picks for Fall Fashion

My sister Elizabeth and I were in Seattle this weekend for a little fall shopping. The rain held off for most of the weekend and we loved walking through the streets kicking leaves in between the stores.   Kate Spade We hit the outlets on the way into town and I picked up this purple bag from Kate Spade. My sister took one look at the old coach bag I ... Continue Reading

2012 Olympics: The Most Colourful Ever? Yay or Nay

Have you noticed how huge the exact shade of Honeysuckle pink from 2011 is at the London Olympics? source This is just one of the colourful logos. source Hot Pink and Red: Red is grounding and Hot Pink is Artistic: Great combinations for the Gymnastics competition! source The boring green turf has been ditched in recent years for Electric Blue for field hockey and the ball changed to yellow to ... Continue Reading

I Hate My Closet Contest & Maria’s New Closets

Photos by Maria Killam (partial view from my living room) Chris Isfeld from the Designer Closet Guys arrived the day before we moved in last week to install our closets! He had everything packed in his designer truck. Here’s all the boxes, ready to be installed. The orange closet is Cloverdale 7983 or SW 6661. Chris arrived at around noon and was finished installing the master and spare bedroom closet ... Continue Reading

Will the Colour Fashion Trend be Dated Next Year?

I was having a conversation with a friend who said she was resisting buying jeans in a bright colour because ‘Really Maria, won’t they be out next year’? Pink Peonies I wrote about this last year when Vogue talked about it in their September issue, so read that post if you missed it. Bottom line, this is what it said “The reason this trend is so important is because of ... Continue Reading

My #1 Must-Have Travel Accessory

I am someone that likes to travel light even though I have no idea how to pack properly so that I end up with everything I need. But last week when I arrived at my workshop I think I finally pulled it off!  It helps that I’ve been shopping with my Stylist Angie for four seasons now. source One great tip is to create a list on your computer or iphone ... Continue Reading

Five Stylish Picks by “You Look Fab”

Elizabeth and I spent the day shopping with Angie Saturday and had an amazing time! These are some of the clothes we found: J. Crew Love this blazer. Angie and I debated on the gray and cream one vs the black and charcoal combination and she said this would be the best with all the colour I have. I recently bought three pairs of colourful skinny jeans from Bebe–my sister said ... Continue Reading

Top Five Fashion Tips from My Stylist

Anyone that has followed my blog for a while knows that I have a stylist. My sister Elizabeth and I are going to Seattle next weekend and we’ll be spending a few hours on Saturday shopping with Angie from You Look Fab. I have shopped with Angie for three seasons now and she has taken my look to a whole new level. And it no longer takes me hours and hours ... Continue Reading

2012 Colour Trends for Fashion & Interior Design

source I opened my September Vogue magazine and was thrilled to read the headline on page 578 – Out with Tedious Black! Writer Sarah Mower goes on to say that among the fashion crowd, the race is on, not to see who can wear the highest heels but who dares to slip a neon-lime clutch under the arm of a sunflower-yellow jacket for example. At first, fashion made an attempt ... Continue Reading

Preselecting with Angie at You Look Fab

Angie Cox from You Look Fab Last Friday I spent the morning with Angie from You Look Fab pre-selecting for fall prior to the Anniversary sale. Here are a few of the items I found: Franco Sarto I have been looking for this pair of ballet flats ever since I saw Traci Zeller in her Stuart Weitzman’s last year in my first True Colour Expert Workshop. These are not Stuart, ... Continue Reading

Your Home should Reflect Who you Are; Helpful or Not?

Several months ago I found myself at a downtown department store listening to a fashion designer talk about her style, how she got to where she was, etc. Someone asked what she would recommend as her top 5 ‘must haves’ for spring.  In response, she launched into a lovely and I guess meant to be ‘empowering’ little speech on how we should buy clothes that makes us happy, what we ... Continue Reading