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"I've Got This" and Other Unrealistic Thoughts about Renovating

Brushed Brass pull

Learn how to coordinate granite with stained wood cabinets {image source} So, for those of you who are missing out, you can still sign up here and catch up! Last week we focused on planning your renovation using my proprietary Colour Confidence Method™ and this Week #3 we're covering the Step-by-Step plan for new builds. It's Wednesday at 11:00 am PST time and… Continue reading


How Long will You Wait to Get The Sofa You Want?

cheap and fast is not good

I once helped a client decorate her guest room. She wanted everything NOW. The painting had to happen IMMEDIATELY! The furniture, delivered YESTERDAY.

In my experience, there are two types of clients who want furniture that fast.

When you move into a new house and you don't have any furniture to sit on, that has people get pretty impatient for new stuff, RIGHT NOW.

Second, the client who cannot decide. They don't want to make a mistake so they wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And put up with old, bad, and cheap for a very long time. Continue reading


Trends from Spring Market at High Point

Traci Zeller's Pillows for C.R. Laine

The last time I attended High Point was 3 1/2 years ago in the Fall. I remember it being pretty much greys and charcoals. There was very little colour although I looked for it. Maria Killam, Alicia Connolly & Barbara Miller (Picture from Day 1 at Market) My friend Barbara Miller (above right) and I walked the Suites at Market Square… Continue reading


My Favourite Go-To Designer Fabrics

Maria's Master Bedroom

When I first started decorating and selecting fabrics for my clients, it took me a while to figure out the best upholstery fabrics to use. One day, I was in the Robert Allen showroom and one of the designers whispered that Orvis was her personal favourite. A great herringbone texture that comes in a multitude of colours. It's also really… Continue reading


Colour Forecast for 2015 from Palm Springs

Colour Trends for 2015 from Palm Springs

Click on image for sources The speaker on our first morning was Michael Shamassian, president and owner of Shmaze Industries. His presentation was very inspiring. He talked about how his passion for colour began at 19 when he started painting cars for a living while attending college at the same time. Fast forward, he is now in the business of coatings.… Continue reading


The Case for Matchy Matchy Decorating

The Case for Matchy Matchy Decorating

via Pinterest (click on image) Recently while consulting with clients around their fixed finishes like tiles and countertops or exterior stone I have have been hearing phrases like: 'It's matchy, matchy but I think it's okay'. or 'It's matchy, matchy is that okay?' or 'I don't want it to look matchy matchy'. This same conversation came up again in Toronto… Continue reading


Tablescapes at the IDS Show

IDS Show Highlights

This was the post I wanted to show you Friday but I couldn't upload the images into WordPress. The media event at the IDS show this past weekend was filled with herbs mixed with boxwood and pansies. Here's a glimpse of some Swiss Chard. I want to send a very special shout to Nour Enayeh.  Nour attended the colour course… Continue reading


Traci Zeller Home Giveaway

Traci Zeller's new Fabric Line for Kids

I'm excited to share my good friend Interior Designer Traci Zeller's new fabric line with you! She was my first True Colour Expert back in May 2010 when I launched my Colour Training.   Traci is a mom of twin boys and she's done a fabulous job of establishing her niche as an expert in creating beautiful interiors that are… Continue reading


Smart Light Control for my Living Room from Urban Aesthetics

Smart Shades for my Living Room from Urban Aesthetics

Well am I ever glad I asked whether I should puddle my drapes or not. And Terreeia is even happier because she was right, haha! When I read all your overwhelming "Absolutely not Maria, your living room is way too clean and contemporary" comments, I thought "Duh, of course".  It's not like I would ever have specified puddling drapes for… Continue reading


Maria's Tastemaker Collection at Arcadian Home

Maria's Tastemaker Collection for Arcadian Home

  Arcadian Home asked me to curate a flash sale that starts today and runs until Tuesday, July 2, 2013. I've included lots of lighting, which, as you know, is more important than even having the right colour on the walls. Colourful accessories, artwork, area rugs and more. Here are some of my favourites: This orange bud vase I have… Continue reading


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