Colour Expert Interview

The Most Important Moment In Any Colour Consultation


Today we welcome guest poster Laura Brzegowy, a True Colour Expert and Ben Moore store colour consultant from Bloomington, Indiana. As the one who replaces the paint chips in store every week, Laura has a unique perspective on which colours are hot, which are not, and the beautiful colour that she NEVER should've chosen to use for an entire exterior. Continue reading


The Best Colours For Your Bedroom Are Not What You Think


My guest poster today is Laurel Colins, a True Colour Expert from Nelson, B.C. Laurel uses the time-honoured principles of Feng Shui in all her colour consultations, and she's got some tips to share about the colours you definitely should (and definitely should NOT) use for your bedroom.

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This is the Home Dreams Are Made Of: A Private Tour

Portland Street of Dreams

Today's guest post is from Ruth Chancellor, a Decorator, Stager and True Colour Expert™ from Portland, Oregon.

Ruth decorated a gorgeous home in blues for the Street of Dreams in Portland this year.

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Colour Interview with Eileen Kathryn Boyd


I am a huge fan of Eileen Kathryn Boyd and her work. I had the pleasure of meeting her in New York at Blogfest last year! And she was in this June's House Beautiful! here's a bedroom she designed using her fabrics from Duralee. I recently interviewed her for my blog and here are her answers: What is your favourite… Continue reading


Interview with Colour Expert; Annie Elliott

Annie Elliott is the blogger/designer behind the colour blog, Bossy Color. And she is bossy, but in a charming way (as I always say when my friends call me bossy :). I almost think that trait is part of being a designer as we are paid for our opinion! Annie is based out of Washington D.C. and is another colourist… Continue reading


Interview with Colour Expert; James Martin

James Martin owns The Colour People who provide color design services to developers, builders, architects, property managers, and home owners. James was an originator of the movement of Architectural Color Consultants and the first color consultant to offer color design services nationwide through their now much copied mail order design system. James and his team work in all 50 states… Continue reading


Interview with Colour Expert; Rachel Perls

Rachel Perls has a blog called Hue. She is also a member (along with me) of the International Association of Colour Consultants/Designers.  The most fascinating thing about the colour profession, is that each colour designer looks at colour from a slightly different view allowing us all to learn something new from each professional! Rachel Perls from Hue Rachel’s blog is… Continue reading


Maria Killam Interview with Verdigris Vie

Verdigris Vie has posted an interview with me on her blog today, click here to read! It’s so fascinating to me how every blogger has a style that becomes quickly obvious when you start scrolling down to see their images. This blog is no exception, filled with beautiful, elegant interiors and Canadian too! One of the designers she featured was… Continue reading


5 New Ways of Looking at Colour; from the Experts

Every colour expert that I have interviewed on my blog has their own interpretation and unique way of looking at colour.  I loved how their answers caused me to look at colour in a different way. Here's the recap of the best from each interview: 1)  Janice Lindsay.  Everyone was fascinated by what she said about Black: [MK] What is… Continue reading


Interview with Colour Expert; Jane Hall

I am delighted to introduce my latest colour expert interview with Jane Hall.  Jane has a wonderful store in Toronto full of colourful fabrics, furniture and accessories, she is The Voice of Style and her website is filled with the most fabulous colour to drench your home with personality!  And her talent extends to art as well (all images below from… Continue reading


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