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Ask Maria: Help! I Just Had My First REAL Colour Consultation

living room richard

I recently received this question from a new colour consultant: "Maria, I need some advice, this encounter was a doozy: I had previewed the house with my realtor friend before the buyer closed, so I already was familiar with the 'boss' of the living room — a rock fireplace with a mostly gold undertone. And, because of some other factors in the connecting dining room,… Continue reading


How to Choose Paint Colours that Work with Your Lighting

How to Choose Paint Colours that Work with Your Lighting | Maria Killam

I recently received this question from Shelley, asking how useful it would be to custom mix a paint colour to get it right with the light in her home. "I’ve recently used BM Manchester Tan in a pantry that has a large fluorescent light fixture, and it looks lovely — right at the happy intersection of warm and cool. But in our front entry… Continue reading


"Interesting" to Classic Kitchen Counter and Backsplash Makeover

Desert Limestone

via {pinterest} Glenda in Langley, called me to help her choose new perimeter countertops and backsplash to coordinate with the existing granite on her kitchen island. The current countertop was a laminate and she was upgrading to stone and the busy, multi-coloured backsplash had to go. I wish I had the photos to show you how we chose the colour but… Continue reading


How NOT to Choose Paint Colours (But Everybody Does It)

Blue, green & Yellow

  This post is also an "Ask Maria" question. So here it is: "I have painted my family room with BM Clay Beige except the focal fireplace wall which I selected SW Exclusive Plum (6263).  I am happy with those colors.  I personally like colors that make you feel lifted, happy, and free, especially with punch of a nice color(s)… Continue reading


Best Ideas for Creative Kids Rooms: Before & After

Dinosours Gathering

This post is written by my Director of All Things Wonderful, Irene Hill:

Last week at this time Maria and I were just finishing up the last touches of our magical home makeover for my sister, Aimee and five of her kids. They were all glowing with happiness and pride in their "new" home.

Four months ago, when Maria and I started this project of love, I carefully interviewed each of my nieces and nephews to find out what would make them love their rooms the most. I found out what they were interested in and spent hours scouring the internet to get all the little pieces exactly right. At the end of the day I wanted to see wonder and awe in each set of eyes and was over the moon that we managed to do just that! Continue reading


When Colour Theory is Literally Dangerous

Barbara Barry

Image via Barbara Barry (A pretty combination of green-grays and yellow-beige) When Irene and I were working on my White is Complicated eBook. We got to a section and she said "You need to explain that more thoroughly, people are literalists". And she's right. When we're learning anything, we're literal. That's why in every profession and especially design and colour you need… Continue reading


Free Training Call: Three Ways to Guide your Client to the Right Colours, Even When They Disagree with You (it's Easier Than you Think)

Free Training Call

I'm really excited to announce a free training call for all design professionals, stagers, decorators, interior designers and architects: If you’re like so many of my clients, these situations may sound familiar: You don’t have a system to walk your clients through as they choose the different elements of their project, so you end up following their lead in your efforts… Continue reading


The 80/20 Rule for Getting Colour Right: Before & After

The 80/20 Rule of Getting Colour Right: Before & After

People email me all the time asking me how in the world it's possible to specify colour on-line. They say things like "My husband is skeptical so sorry".  Which is totally fine of course, I'm busy, don't worry about me. In fact I'm trying to get out of here for the lake this week, I'm still here packing up! The… Continue reading


8 Features Every Log Home Should Have (Incredible Kitchen too)

Features Every Log Home Should Have

1. An abandoned swallows nest on the kitchen window sill. 2. Incredible limestone tile throughout and including the countertops (chosen by Brooke & Steve Gianetti from Velvet & Linen during a trip to LA) Such a great way of working with all the ORANGE wood, providing a break from it as well as creating a balance of warm and cool.… Continue reading


How to Find More Money for Home Decor

Canopy bed

I follow this great blog called Social Triggers. The other day, Derek was interviewing an author named Dan Heath who wrote a book called Decisions: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work. It's a very interesting podcast that I think EVERYONE could learn from. Check it out here. Unless you're someone that never makes a bad decision, haha. Anyway,… Continue reading


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