Exterior Trim: White is Nautical; Yellow is Heritage

Red house with White Trim

Getting your white right on the exterior and interior of your house is critical. For a blue or red house, it's the difference between your house looking nautical or heritage.   Red with White Trim   Red with Yellow Trim Blue with White Trim Blue with yellow beige trim That's my tip of the day! Off to enjoy my weekend,… Continue reading


13 Ways to Create Flow with a White Kitchen

How to Create Flow with a White Kitchen

View from the Master Bedroom Two weeks ago, I found a new business coach. Julia decided my business needed an intervention and if I didn't come to see her, it would be months until we sorted things out on the phone together. Fortunately for me, she had two days that she was able to re-arrange on short notice to fit… Continue reading


The Minimalist Way to Inject Color: Before & After

Blue Accent Wall

When my sister Elizabeth and her husband Bill first took possession of their house she asked if she could paint the walls in her kitchen blue (they were brown at the time). I said unfortunately no, because it would look like she was ignoring her countertops and her backsplash. At the time we had to go with HC-45 Shaker Beige… Continue reading


Sweet Cottage Blue Exterior

Blue fascia

I was so moved by your comments on my last post! Thank you so much, for being so generous and kind. I posted the email I received from the homeowner, it's close to the end of the comments. I love my readers!! Okay, so you have to see this blue house next, it's so fun! After two separate on-line consultations… Continue reading


How to Find the Right Colour for your Bedroom in Minutes

Colour Boards

Colour Boards Debbie, one of my lovely readers sent me this email the other day: 'I asked my husband to order your color boards for my Christmas present last year.  Before they arrived I was sure that Wickham Gray was the right color to paint my master bedroom.  When the color boards arrived I discovered that Wickham Gray made my… Continue reading


Trend Alert: Blue is getting Brighter and Happier


Photo by Maria Killam At one of the CMG Conferences a speaker once said 'If you want to know which direction colour is going, check out the towel department.' So a couple weeks ago I snapped this photo of a stack of bright blue and yellow towels when I was out sourcing accessories for a client. Towels don't collect dust… Continue reading


Trend Alert: Is Navy the New Black?


My good friend Stu Stiller is always sending me colourful emails to keep me on my toes and the latest was Kohler's new colourful sink collection by Jonathan Adler. Images from Kohler This is Jonathan's kitchen, he chose the green for himself. What I find fascinating about his colour choices is that this green is so close to the avocado… Continue reading


The Shocking Truth about your Ceilings


Having lived in rentals for so long, I am used to living in homes/apartments that smell. . . old. I always assumed that the bad, old house smell came from the carpets but Dillon, the owner of  Pure Painters (who are currently painting my house, we move Wednesday), said that your ceilings–especially if they are textured–are at least half responsible… Continue reading


A Perfect Example of how Complex Colour Works


Annie sent me this photo and with a question, 'Are my sofa's pink beige?'. She said in her current house (2nd photo) they looked yellow and in her last house (photo below) they looked pink. And she was absolutely right. The reason why complex neutrals are so complicated is because they change depending on which colours are beside them.

The wall colour below is BM HC-105 Rockport Gray (the whole room is the same colour but the light coming in from the left makes it look lighter in the photo) which has a green undertone. This pulls out the pink in her sofas. Continue reading


Vancouver Interior Designer: Before & After – Cranberry and Blue Living Room

Screen shot 2011-11-30 at 9.14.56 PM

A while ago I showed you a sneak peek of this living room I was working on and it's finally done! Note these photos were taken by me! Photos by Maria Killam The existing panelled wall was oak and did not match the new hardwood floor so we first painted it the colour of the rest of the room (BM… Continue reading


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