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My 5 Rules for Life


{via pinterest} Have you ever thought about this statement with regards to an area in your life? "Every single day people stop when they don't know what to do." I talk to clients every day who tell me they have stopped shopping for their house because they've bought so many mistakes in the past and they don't want to buy any… Continue reading


My 6th Blogoversary is Here + My Best Blogging Tip


I started this blog on Saturday, October 31, 2008. It was Halloween. Ever since I hit publish on my first post, a day never goes by when I'm not thinking about what I'm going to write next. My nephews William & Markus Since Halloween was the day it started and I am not a fan of anything scary, it's my nephews… Continue reading


Two Reasons to ALWAYS Keep Learning


In the last year, I have been travelling and spending a lot of time in hotel ballrooms learning how to take my business and website to the next level. Finding the right guru to get you there is not an easy task, let me tell you! I'm always the ONLY colour expert/decorator in a room of around 700 people. However,… Continue reading


3 Burning Questions Answered (Finally) at BlogHer14

Maria & Barbara

Outdoor decor at the McDonalds closing party at Blogher14 Since I've blogged for over 5 years now, I come to a blogging conference because there's always more to learn. There's lots of beginner information that I've sat through in hotel ballrooms all around the country, but then someone says something that makes it all worthwhile. Here are the nuggets I've picked… Continue reading


How to Sell Toilet Paper and Learning to say No

toilet paper

So I'm here at BlogHer'14 in San Jose with my good friend Barbara Miller from Yes Spaces. We had registered for the conference months ago but I am so bad because I usually only read what I absolutely have to read. So I don't check out the conference agenda until the night before my flight and I realize that if I don't… Continue reading


Your Laptop is the New Mom & Pop Shop

This could be your office

I'm constantly hearing statements like "I should've started my blog when you did", or "It's too late now, look at how many new blogs are launched every day!".

So, just in case some of you thought you were off the hook, or fully believe it's too late, I'm here to tell you that the majority of people in the world are not even on-line yet. And three billion more will be by 2020. Continue reading


Is Marketing to Past Clients Ridiculous? Yay or Nay


Penelope Trunk and I have one day left in our blogging webinar and it's so great! We're learning so much and having so much fun, here's what people are saying: "I sure hope this webinar is the first of many! I subscribe to a lot, A LOTTT of webinars…and this one has by far exceeded my expectations! About 6 months ago… Continue reading


Having an Opinion is More Important than Being Right

Penelope's Blue

I'm so excited that Penelope and I are doing this blogging seminar together that I asked her to write part of the post to include with the one I wrote the other day. Then, after she sent it over, I called her and said "How do I marry them together?" "They don't really go together", she said.  "Okay, I'll post… Continue reading


Webinar: Jump Start your Design Business with a Blog

Jump Start your Design Business with a Blog

BE YOUR OWN BOSS The best way to figure out how to have a successful blog is to learn from big bloggers. Yaay that's me! This is what Penelope Trunk and I will be doing live the first week of December 3 – 6, 2013. It's going to be fun! THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND HERE. Today I make well… Continue reading


Tips for Bloggers: Do's and Don'ts for Working with the Media

Dos & Don'ts for Working with Media

I first met Mary Leigh Howell at the Design Bloggers Conference this past February in LA. She's a PR Professional and although there was a group of us that were about to have dinner together one evening, it suddenly turned into just the two of us. During dinner, I asked her why she was at the conference. She replied "To… Continue reading


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