Vancouver Benjamin Moore Colour Expert; Are your Colours Married?

You know the old “There should be a minimum of 3, maximum 4 colours in any room before it’s just a mess” rule? Well I’m exaggerating here but truly, wall colour is the same. If you have tile or stone that already has 4-5 colours in it. . . and sometimes (I know if you’re reading this it was already there and you have to live with it) the countertop ... Continue Reading

Slate or Porcelain Tile in the Bathroom? Recently, during a consultation,  I walked into a bathroom that was very much like this one: Source – fun post on bathrooms in the 2000’s  Okay this is actually not that bad compared to the one I saw (which was more like this one), but unless you plan to live in your house for the next 20 years—don’t do it! The reason I say this is because it’s like ... Continue Reading

Selecting your Kitchen or Bath Backsplash; Accent Tile or NOT?

I have seen so much dated and downright ugly accent tiles in my design career, that when I choose them for my clients, I prefer to select neutral finishes and repeat them. Keep this in mind when you read this post. If you are madly in love with the accent tile you have just installed or are about to, then read no further. The following opinions are completely biased based ... Continue Reading

Powder Room Colour

Everytime I don’t take a ‘before’ picture and then I finish decorating the room and it looks this cute I regret it! I am working on decorating a town house for the owner of reVISION Custom Home Renovations (pictures to follow, we are still waiting for some furniture to arrive). I did finish the powder room the other day so I thought I’d show you how it turned out! He’s ... Continue Reading

Creative Stripes in the Bathroom

Last night I took my students to a Benjamin moore store for a product knowledge session about paint. Michelle Campbell runs the store on Pacific Avenue and this woman knows paint and colour; She makes paint interesting! I walked out of the restroom at the end of the evening and said “I love the creative way the colours were picked in that bathroom” How cool is that!”. Three of my students ... Continue Reading