Ask Maria: What’s Next After Subway Tile?

“I’m a big fan of your blog, and your e-book helped me choose paint colors I love when we bought a house last year. I love the look of subway tiles, but I’ve noticed they’ve been around for awhile. I know here in New York, I’ve been seeing them for about 10 years (they could have been around for longer but that’s when I first became aware of anything related ... Continue Reading

Urban Industrial Chic Renovation in West Vancouver

Whenever anyone asks me if I know of a great kitchen designer, I always refer them to Jan Romanuk. She designed my fabulous white kitchen last year and Quality Cabinets installed the cabinets. Not only is she a wonderful kitchen designer but she has been renovating high end homes for so long, there is nothing she doesn’t know about the process. Jan is one of the most generous mentors I’ve ... Continue Reading

The Best White Bathrooms

I believe all bathrooms should be white or cream. And I have three bathrooms to renovate sometime very soon. And they will be white as that will flow with the rest of my house. Here are some of my favourite white bathrooms:   Via Pinterest Pretty, free standing tub. Very on-trend and something I want to incorporate into my master bathroom. Via Pinterest Love the idea of two shower curtains ... Continue Reading

Ask Maria: Lip or No Lip?

I am a long time reader and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog ! I’m currently in the midst of a master bath update.  I am replacing my laminate countertop with Cesarstone Organic White Quartz.  This will be placed on a white cabinet in a primarily white bathroom.  There is a full plate glass mirror unframed that meets with the current  “laminate 4 inch backsplash” or lip. I have been encouraged ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Interior Decorator: Is your Bath Perfect or Perfectly Nice?

Waterworks new faucet (source) The newest and most fabulous showroom in Vancouver for everything to do kitchens and bathroom is Cantu. source The co-founder and Vice President of Waterworks Barbara Sallick, was their special guest on Wednesday evening last week. source She gave a talk on what it takes to have The Perfect Bath. ‘Design integrity in bath means that you must select the right ingredients and assemble them with ... Continue Reading

Abbotsford Colour Consultant: Rules for Specifying Quartz Colours

source I received some new quartz samples the other day. This is how they were packaged when they arrived. . . Every single sample had to be pried off with a screwdriver and taken out of the packaging. Why? Because it’s virtually impossible to choose the coordinating colour for your walls or cabinets with the sample glued and surrounded by plastic. If each one stays in the package. You can’t ... Continue Reading

Update on My Turquoise Bathroom

Last week when I posted my main bathroom colour (I’m not touching this bathroom until the renovation except for colour, light fixture and accessories) I got this email from one of my lovely readers Sherri Wheeler: ‘What you have done so far is a huge improvement but I think the towel bar really ruins it. A large piece of art would do wonders for that wall. Move the towels to ... Continue Reading

The Rule of More

source I chose two different faucets for both of Mom’s bathrooms in the carriage house she built last year. And so because I see them all the time (different from a client’s home) one day I said to her, I like the faucet downstairs so much better than the one in your master. And she said, ‘I agree, I wish they were both the same‘. source And right that second, ... Continue Reading

Maria’s Main Bathroom: Before & During

This is one of our dated bathrooms which will be renovated soon. It was so hard for me to get past just the colour in here. See the chair rail? If you have it in your house and you don’t have wallpaper above it take it out! Photos by Maria Killam I didn’t touch this bathroom except to paint it and remove the medicine cabinet and hollywood light fixture as ... Continue Reading

Green Yellows are Mostly Bad: Before & After

My lovely client Lynette called me to help her fix the colour in their newly renovated bathroom, it was not working. Before Although this colour did appear in her surround tile, it did not improve the appearance of her bathroom. Since the undertone of her gray tile was purple, that was the colour I selected that day. After I chose SW 6002 Essential Gray/ Cloverdale Paint CA199 Lavender and it ... Continue Reading

Cloverdale Paint Party on Elizabeth Avenue

Today we took possession of our new (to us) rancher in Yarrow. It will still be about 6 weeks before we move in. The name of our street is Elizabeth Avenue (my sister in Yarrow is Elizabeth). I love it! Don’t you agree that the name of the street you live on is important? Now I just need to get over that my official address will be Chilliwack, BC. Don’t ... Continue Reading

What Colour Should Your Boots be?

source Denise Turner, Janice Lindsay, Roz Kavander and Maria Killam Me and some of my colour friends at the Saturday night dinner. Kohler Nicole Wittwer, a Product Manager at Kohler reported that recently during a trade show where they were launching their new collection, Tresham, this image was displayed at one of their booths. People started lining up to get their picture taken right beside the pink boots in the above ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Interior Designer: Wood Flooring in the Bathroom? Yay or Nay

Pinterest The other day when I posted a picture of my mom’s bathroom in her new carriage house and said that I love hardwood floors in bathrooms, I received a comment asking if this was something I always recommend. Pinterest So, here’s the thing. I also love the seamless look from room to room and the fact that most hardwood floor tones go with a lot of different colours. Any ... Continue Reading

I always have to include Cloud White in posts I write about trim because it’s too commonly used as a go-to, fix-all, no-questions-asked solution.  A client emailed me today with a great question: Is it okay to have a warmer, off white trim throughout the house but use a brighter white in the bathroom to go with tile and fixtures? Pinterest The answer is Yes. If the colours in your ... Continue Reading

Do you Understand Neutrals? Take the Bathroom Test

source I have lost count of the number of times I have been hired to help a homeowner ‘correct’ a colour issue created by a designer who chose finishes without knowing how to combine the undertones of the colours and neutrals of the tiles or granite they had selected. This bathroom of one of my on-line clients is typical of so many that I have seen over the years (she ... Continue Reading

Do you choose Finishes based on Light vs. Dark?

I can’t tell you the number of times I have had people say things like this: “Well I picked that flooring because it was the lightest one, I didn’t want my place to look dark”, or I chose that tile because I didn’t want my bathroom to look dark. Design by Jenna Lyons Well that is, until the chocolate brown trend came in really big—then for a few years it ... Continue Reading